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Friday, April 26, 2013

What gives Spring it's Spa-"ring"?

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The most NEW and BEAUTIFUL time of year!

When everyone and everything finds a certain bounce and an extra spring in their step.

Some of the sights and sounds of Springtime, for sure, need to be noted..

Have you noticed - everywhere - the varying shades of green?  I love green - one of my favorite colors.

 Right NOW!  it is so prevalent.


You have been noticing, as well as I, all the song birds and raindrops..

I love these photos... the sound of both is simply beautiful.

{via pinterest}

The song of the birds - singing just after a beautiful rain - is so pretty.

{via pinterest}

Are you one to go out singing in the rain?  I should more often.
I should let my kids do it more often..
I just love the sounds of raining falling on thirsty ground; pinging on rusty tin roofs; against a windowpane.

{via pinterest}
Have you noticed flowerbeds, garden and fields?  The dirt is getting turned over.  The smell of fresh plowed earth is just unexplainable.  Don't you agree?

It really reminds me of where and how man has been designed and birthed.
 The Scripture reminds us that Man was formed from the dust of the ground and {God}breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living creature. (Genesis 2:7)


This is really the ONLY way anything has life.

When trees begin to bloom; their buds are bursting forth everywhere... along with the pollen.. I know I can certainly appreciate this newness again.

The same is true for the flowers.
Cannot wait to start throwing in some seeds and seedlings... and see what comes of them.
In the meantime...I was trying to enjoy these.

((I will say, I'm so glad I got a photo of these while I got a chance.))
The sound of a weed-whacker is not a pleasant sound around here, for me... especially when it hacks off bluebells and peony bushes trying to get started.  TWICE, already this season.

But.  We won't talk about it.

When Spring throws it's RING - I get hooked every time.
As long as I slow down long enough to notice.

Enjoy your Springy weekend. 


  1. I will!! Yes, oh yes, I have been notice all the springy things!!! We don't have a rusty tin roof, but a metal one and our bedroom windows are above the front porch and we enjoy listening to the rain fall on it!! I'm sorry about the thing we are not talking about - I didn't know they were called bluebells...I think I might have some...I'll keep the weed-whacker at bay...sorry...said I wouldn't talk about that! ;)

    1. Oh and I forgot to say how much I love your collage picture there - sooo pretty!!! I like the pattern choices in it too - I see pillows on a porch!! ;)

      ps - I've also noticed my blog is not appearing updated on your side bar there - I posted this morning but it's showing my post for the other day?!?! The same thing happens on my MIL blog - weird eh?!!?

  2. Lovely Spring pics, dear.. I absolutely love the rain and the wind...
    Spring is my favorite season.. All things new and lovely..
    God bless, my sweet friend.. xo


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