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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can and Can't (Once Ran a Race)

.. ... .. ... .. .... .. .. ... ..... .. .... .. ... ... .. .. .. .. .. . .. ... .. .
I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. 
~ Philippians 4:13

Can and Can't

Can and Can't once ran a race.
Can fell down and hurt his face,
But up he jumped and on he ran,
The persevering little man.

In spite of all Can't did or said,
Can kept on going straight ahead.
Can't did not wish to be the last,
Nor did he like to run so fast,
And so he shouted, "Don't you see
That you can never outrun me?"

But Can replied, "That's just your way.
You're telling people every day
They can't do this and can't do that,
That black is white and the earth is flat;
But you'll not conquer me, for I
Intend to win this race or die."

They kept on running for many years,
And Can at times shed bitter tears
Over the troubles that he met
And oftentimes would weary get.
His feet were sore, the way was rough,
The road did not seem short enough.
He sometimes ran and sometimes hopped,
But never, never, never stopped.

At last Can't halted by the way,
And said, "Now I will rest and play."
And so he waited while his friend
Kept on until he reached the end.
And Can't was left far in the rear
Because he would not persevere.

Can won the race while Can't stood still;
He always has, and always will. 
~ unknown (taken from the Ideals and Moral Lessons Book)

I just realized I shared this poem with you before, a couple of years ago - RIGHT HERE. You just might want to go back and reread that post, instead.  ;)  I don't mind..seriously.

 As I reread it, this morning - even I was encouraged.  The reasons for sharing it again - hold true and are still the same as before.  I guess the Lord brought it to mind, today, for a reason.
So...enjoy!  and take heart.


  1. Thank you so much for re-posting this...just what I needed to hear in this weary season!


  2. There will always be days threatening us with the bad C word.. But good C always wins. At the end of the day what we thought we couldn't do has somehow been done, day after day until we hit those wonderful days that are the reward. I'ts cyclical and the longer we live the more we trust that the good C's are just around the corner... so we press on. :) Praying a rich, reward day for you my friend.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. With a smile and the Lord by her side, the lady of the home CAN do anything!

    It's sunny and warm today. The baby is napping and I have three loads of laundry to fold.

    But, I told myself this morning that I was going to fix a cup of tea and come visit your blog. I'm happy I did friend. You are really developing an eye for photography.

    I don't sit down much anymore to read many blogs because when I do, 20 minutes of quiet time turns into an hour and time is so precious. So I just pick one every now and then and enjoy a good visit. It's a little mother culture for my motherly soul.

    Thinking of you today:)


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