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Friday, May 24, 2013

feel the rain

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Recently, I came across these words and have been pondering them ever since. Especially, in the recent heavy and reoccurring rainfall that we've received and have been experiencing.  (smile!!)

"Some people feel the rain.  Others simply get wet."

Yesterday, I was outdoors planting the rest of my wonderfully gifted flowers/plants... when the rain drops began pelting softly.. getting more and more intense.

My two young daughters stood just off to my side, laughing and twirling...feeling the rain!

I did too.  But (instead) I was getting wet and so were they.

However.  There was, and is, a difference.

As much as I love me a rainy day I wish I had taken the time. (with my girls!)

I wish we had the time. (we had a schedule to stick to)

To stay.

And feel the rain.

As I sit and reflect on this.  It's true.  More times than not.. I'll call the kids indoors (in a safe rain) to keep from getting wet.  Of course, there is wisdom that needs to be applied here but I wish I could be a little more laid back.. as in water off a duck's back - about getting caught in a bit of rain.  I want my children to have good memories of feeling the rain..not the implied nuisance of getting wet.  I want them to in turn, instead - thank God! who created all these raindrops and to count them each as blessings...

May blessings, not trouble, fall like rain, on you and on your Memorial Day weekend.  Together, lets feel the rain. Shall we?


  1. Such a thought provoking post. I think most of the time I feel the rain and my husband gets wet. I enjoy nature and see it as blessings God has given me. Maybe we should all be more childlike. Hmm.....

  2. Thanks for this beautiful reminder!

  3. Yes, you are so right, Bevy.. I love the rain but sometimes we get a bit much like this weekend when flooding is being warned.. Still the raindrops are lovely.. Blessings, sweet friend..

  4. Hello darlin'. Just yesterday, I had made a campfire and it began to drizzle. I just put my hoodie up and sat there anyhow. I got a little damp, but it was so quiet and peaceful. Wishing you a coffee filled Memorial Day weekend! : -)

    1. Thank you, Jayme!! Yes!! It will be a coffee-filled Memorial Day Weekend. I wanted to tell you...

      That coffee you've sent me, via the mail, (the stuff in your etsy shop! - the stuff you roast yourself) yes, that is wonderful. Wonderful stuff.

      I'm going to have to still tell you this.. .but I wanted it here on record on my blog comments. :)

  5. great post, Bev...it reminded me of the song "Rain" by Sara Groves...looking at rain in a different way:

    Call it what you will I call it rain
    When troubles come and pat against my soul
    Go in if you like, I will remain
    And let the washing waters make me whole

    Just when I’m sure that I can't bear the rain
    A tiny leaf starts pushing through the ground
    In a place where the ground was too dry to sustain it
    A new tiny flower can be found

    Once I was stuck I thought things would never change
    As I watched a cloud pass through the sky
    Right before my eyes it took a different shape
    And I knew, so were the clouds in my own life

    I see Him in the rain
    I feel Him wash away
    What I do not understand
    So new life can spring up once again

    The flowers come to show that
    all that rain was helping me to grow

    ~ Rachelle


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