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Friday, May 10, 2013

~ Gather Them Close ~

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So, we've had a little excitement around here this week.  A new calf was born.  We soon await another...and the children can hardly wait.  They like to name the calves as they're born.  Which, come to think of it.  This calf has so many names in the hat - they can't agree on which one it will be.  We're going to have to resolve that dilemma soon.  I just thought you would enjoy the few photos, I put together. 
I just enjoy watching the close bond this mother has inherently with her calf.

In the meantime...

A lot more is and will be happening around here over the couple of days.

First.  I would like to wish every Mother a Happy Mother's Day - on Sunday!

On Tuesday, Scott and I will celebrate our 8th year Wedding Anniversary!  We just went on a wonderful Weekend To Remember - so I'm not expecting too much more to happen.  Maybe a special meal together... we'll see.

But on Monday - the 13th - I would like to welcome you back, here on the blog, for my upcoming Mugs & Muffins.  It's been awhile since I've hosted one of those.  I really have some exciting things (a fun Giveaway!, etc.)  planned and so I hope you'll join in.

Start thinking of ..What are your "Nobody told me {this!}about motherhood" moments?

In closing here..

I would like to leave you with a challenging poem.  This is a poem that I found in the pages of a book I plan to "introduce" to you, on Monday.  The poem was written by an unknown author and appears to be untitled..

Gather the children, Mother,
  The little heads close to your knee
In the hush of the beautiful twilight,
  And talk to them tenderly.
When the bright eyes grow tired and restless
  And gaze at you wistfully
And the sweet lips beg for a story,
  Then gather them close to your knee.

Not long will your little ones linger
  So talk to them while you may.
A world may be better tomorrow
  For the story you're telling today.
So tell them the story of Jesus,
  For the child's heart is tender and true;
And not all the teachers and preachers
  Can guide them, oh Mother, like you.

~Author Unknown


Blessings over your weekend!!  And, Gather Them Close.

See you on Monday??


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too Bevy! You are such an inspiration. I love that poem :).

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Love that poem, Bevy!
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day!

  3. That is a lovely poem!! I might have to print it out! Oh and happy MOO-ther's day to you too! hahah! (I loved that!!)

    I hope you had a blessed weekend and praying your anniversary is filled with sweet touches from our Lord - you guys deserve it!!! ♥


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