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Monday, May 20, 2013

~ my thirst ~

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"God is the kind of God who will be pleased with the one thing I have to offer ~ my thirst.

God delights not when we offer him our strength, but when we wait for his."

- Benjamin Coleman, Presbyterian pastor of Boston Brattle Street Church (1699-1747)


Good Morning, gals!

It's one of those contemplative mornings, here for me.  Beautiful foggy morning, outdoors.Yes!  even rain..
I've been thinking on this above quote for awhile now and wanted to share it with you, today.
The dishes are soaking in the dishpan, leftover from yesterday's lunch, due to guests in our home. (smile!)
An effort must soon be made to wake everyone up. It's about 7:30am, as I type..  (yes! it is that kind of morning...I love it)
My hubby is working from home today - as I have a Dr's appointment, for my leg - later this morning.

Oh, and I wanted to remind you.
You're invited.

The invitation still stands to bring your comment to the table on my Mugs & Muffins post - from last week.
Mom's, share your "Nobody told me!" moment and enter to win a giveaway.
The book, Prayers and Peanut Butter, along with an undisclosed dollar amount for a Blessings Unlimited Gift Credit.  Your comment will boost the amount to be given away!!

This GIVEAWAY is on till June 1st!

All the details are here!

I really hope you enjoy your day, today.  God bless..


  1. I love that quote!!! Thanks for sharing it, it came at a good time for me.

    1. You're welcome! It came from a sermon Pastor Jeremy preached the other Sunday. (This past Sunday - we were in the Nursery!) The passage was Psalm 84.

      On - our thirst. I joked... but in all seriousness. It was a very REFRESHING sermon. At least, for me.

      Thanks for commenting here, Jane. Praying for you, today!!

  2. This is a beautiful quote. One very much worth saving :) Such a welcoming blog you have here!


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