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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

She picks the best cards!

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This little card is a from my sweet sisterfriend!

Every so often I get a little encouraging note in the mail and it just blesses my day.

It makes me want to turn right around and bless someone else in the same way.


I was reading this morning from Deuteronomy 33:27, which says:
"The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms."
Already, this morning, I was able to share that verse with  two different friends who are facing some challenging days ahead.  Exciting...but "rattling" just the same.

What a comfort it is to know that our God - who is our refuge - has arms that never tire or wear out.
These everlasting arms...
Hold us.
Support us.
Comfort us.
Surround us.
Lift us up.
Guide us.

and on and on..

And, I got to thinking how neat it is that as part of the body of Christ we get to "help" do this for others.
You know?

And as we encircle around our friends, interlocking arms and hands in prayer and support, it is like a HUGE HUG that only can be felt, rippling through the body of Christ.

We can go on in Faith... simply because of that bit of encouragement.

Pick your best card and send it on to someone today - will you?


  1. Such a sweet and encouraging post, Bevy.. Please send me your address.. xo

  2. This IS very encouraging - so lovely - think I might make some cards this afternoon! :)


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