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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This just might be the longest post - ever!!

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Happy Wednesday to you all!  I like this middle of the week day.

Let's talk about this past Saturday - shall we?  The family knew of my desire to get some flowers to fill the already once worked up flowerbeds.  But because the beds had been worked "so long ago"... there were weeds already filling them.  I know.  All but one little volunteer.  A pansy.  Making her pretty appearance alongside this wooden crate that I have sitting there.

So, everybody pitched in and I soon found my way to the local greenhouse.  It wasn't long till I came back and the rain clouds were rolling in.  It didn't look like we were going to get to plant anything at that point.

Aubrey and Jayne were having fun "talking" to the cows and I snapped a few photos before Aubrey took a turn on the camera.  I figured I had better include a photos (of me!) that she snapped... but I really can't stand em.  Well, I do like the one of Jayne - where she is losing her ponytail.  It's fun seeing photos from the kids perspectives...

I can't tell you why there are no photos here of Caleb and Scott - working so hard.  Oh my word!!  I sure do love it so much when my husband helps me with the "gardening".    He just gets it done so much better, faster and efficiently.  But anyway, because Caleb was so filthy and the storm was rolling in... we decided to quickly give my son his much needed haircut on the front porch, after which we threw him in the shower.

Soon the rain came.  But because by now everyone had their bath and had done so well... we treated the kids to the Golden Arches for dinner.. and play land.  (no pics of that either! sorry.)

Here is the fun part of this whole day.  One day at school - Caleb's class read a book that spawned a need for a persuasive letter to be sent home to the parents.  This letter was requesting permission to stay up late - for one night - handwritten and addressed to mom & dad sent to us via the US mail from school to home.

Well.  We couldn't deny.

Tonight was the night, we chose, and something that was looked forward to ALL. Day. Long.  So after getting home from Micky D's - we (never do this!) initiated an Ice Cream Treat at 9pm.  Oh boy...

How else to keep a kid up all night or at best to stay up late??  We don't know...we didn't know.

In the plans.  There was going to be "a camp out", with Dad and sissy, downstairs in the living room...with an air mattress and everything.  That changed and the mattress moved upstairs instead - now Jayne wanted to be involved.

Calming everyone down and finally getting Jayne to settle for the night.  We pulled out a game of Candy Land.  Daddy came in first.  Mom second.  Aubrey in third and Caleb brought in fourth - (I was so proud of him - being a total true sport!  This isn't always common...at times).  But... getting up outta his chair and walking over to dad to shake hands and say congratulations??  I was impressed.

Aubrey could hardly hold her head up straight playing the game.  But all of a sudden she got her second wind and managed to hang in there longer than her bro.  He zonked somewhere near the end of the now-being-watched movie.

Have you ever seen the movie -The Red BalloonPicked on purpose for its calming affects..
This is a cute movie... but no words in it.  Just music and this little boy with his red balloon.  Anyway.  When Caleb realized that he had fallen asleep - oh you would have thought it was the end of the world.  He "woke up" enough to let us know that perhaps that movie was NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!!!!!!

And, what a time... to finally settle down - again! - and actually enjoy this chance to stay up late.

Let's just say...

We might still be dealing with the effects of purposefully staying up late.  (Well, it is getting back to normalcy!, by now I suppose.  But it took a day or two.)


But today the young man is off on a field trip, to the Zoo, with his School.  I can't wait to hear how his day went.

Here is how I sent him off to school,this morning, with his bagged lunch.

Talk about somebody being super excited.


How was that for a super long post?  Wowzers!!  I hope you enjoyed..


Oh, and in case you're curious.  The flowers/plants almost got completely planted last evening.  And - that could almost be another "the longest" post ever!!  No worries... I'll leave it be.

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I would love to hear from you!!


  1. Awwe, that sounds like such a fun family day!!! I love all the photos!! ♥

  2. Not long enough.... waiting for part two!! : P

    LOVE all the photos - esp. the ones with the resident photographer in them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a great post!
    Love ALL the pictures and the part about staying up late. How cute is that!
    And sending him off to the Zoo with a decorated lunch bag. The love just oozes out of you.

    Keep the long posts coming. You write such great "word pictures". They are a joy to read. Audrey is getting to be quite the photographer!

  4. If you think this post is long you should read some of mine. I swear sometimes I ramble on for days. I'm sure I bore my readers to death but I just can't help myself!

    Loved all the pics- Looks like a great weekend! A late night ice cream party, Candyland, a Movie and a Campout- I bet your kids were so excited. Too much fun although exhausting I'm sure.

    Hope your Little Man has a great trip to the Zoo. Looking forward to hearing how his day went

    Happy Thursday- The Weekend is ALMOST here!!!


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