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Friday, May 31, 2013

Winner of the Prayers and Peanut Butter Book & Blessings Giveaway - one day early.

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Okay.  Let's wrap this up.  Shall we?

If you been hanging on to the edge of your seat waiting for this GIVEAWAY to end, then today is the day to find out who wins.  More likely this is what happened; you've forgotten about it! And, I don't blame you.

My goodness.  I loved every single one of your thoughts and comments that ensued.   You fellow-moms out there... you are a real blessing and true inspiration to me.  I hope you know that.  If you wanted to "know" more of my own "nobody told me" mothering moment(s) -you can read  MY STORY here, if you want to take the time.  Follow your nose to the end... there are three parts to this "story".   As well, Ladies. I really hope you enjoyed being a part of this Mugs & Muffins as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.  And, the book - Prayers and Peanut Butter ... my dear Winner-Friend... you're going to love it.  I hope!!

Not to drag this out any further.. well, wait. There is one more thing.  I wanted to let you know that  I planned to give you all a reply comment so as to bump up your chance of winning "by adding another comment" - plus it would increase your dollar amount for the giveaway.  I had capped it at $25.00 and we nowhere hit that.  So...

Tonight is the actual event of  my Blessings Gathering.  I decided,  I wanted to the winner of the giveaway to have as much of a chance to browse as they would like.  I will contact her with these details..

Without further adieu:  The winner's name was lovingly drawn...  (smile!)


Here is Lindsay's comment:

:: No one told me how much I'd want my littles to stay little and all the while still be so committed to helping them grow and mature. And I never realized how much being a mother would grow and mature me and at the same time keep me "little"!

(Lindsay.  I will be getting that book out to you and $18.00 credit towards an item from Blessings Unlimited.  I'll be contacting you.  I'm glad you're a local and sweet, sweet friend of mine. )

Thank you, my friends for "joining in" and reading here at Treasured Up and Pondered.  I hope you know I truly value and appreciate your consistant friendship, your comments and your prayers.

Speaking of prayer..

Can I leave you with this and ask you to pray for my baby, Jayne?  She has been running a full week of the "Philadelphia Quick-step" and this. has. not. been. fun.  I think it's a combo of teething - working on those two year molars and who knows what else?  It could have been from the chunk of dirt I found her spitting out of her mouth the other day.  The "brown" that I thought was chocolate??  Who knows...

I've called the Doctors and they are patting me on the back for doing what I'm doing. Just sayin'.   And they been encouraging me to just hang in there.  (I've been working with the B.R.A.T. diet, too, for her.  Have you ever heard of that?)  Putting my ole Pediatric Nurse Aid experience to use around here.  I suppose..

This is just another one of the MOM - MOMENTS... eh??

Thank you, again, for your thoughts and prayers.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yeah! I didn't expect to win! I am excited to read this much acclaimed book! And now I am extra bummed that I can't make the party tonight. I always seem to be working when you have your gatherings! May you have an enjoyable time tonight. I will certainly keep little Jayne in prayer. I hope she is not having trouble with diaper rash too...

    1. Ha. The one thing, in rotation, I've been using to keep (help from getting it worse) from the rash thing is cornstarch. The funny thing is, is that is pretty much the only thing solidified in her diaper. Sorry if that is TMI. But - true. It's like a newborn all over again...

      She's still happy. Wants to eat (somewhat picky...) but her little self. It's just really strange.

      Lindsay... I'm glad you won! I'll be in touch..

  2. Yeah! Congrats to Lindsay! I'm sorry to miss the party tonight too, it ends up hubby has to work, and I have all 4. Well, at least I'm getting the celing fan fixed! HA!! :) You both know who that's for... :) Hehe. Have a great party, love the ceramic dishware they have, so pretty.
    Bev, that brat diet does help! Good for you, hang in there with prayer!

  3. I'm praying.. Life just isn't boring is it? :)

    Congrats to Lindsay.. and thanks again for hosting the give-away.

    Blessings, Debbie


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