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Friday, June 28, 2013

A Daybook in June

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FOR TODAY - This is the day the Lord has made;  let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~ Psalm 118:24

Outside my window... the skies are lookin' a bit overcast this morning.  I did set a toenail outdoors, this morning and it seems pretty muggy & humid.

I am thinking...how did the month of June fly by, so fast?  Really?  I loved the month of May - Can we go back? 

I am thankful...that the Mercies of the Lord - are NEW, every morning!  I needed them today..even before my feet hit the floor.

In the kitchen...it's quiet in there, this morning.  The coffee is on and lunches have been packed.  Both for my husband (who is long off to work already) and for my son - who'll be heading off to camp for the day. (as I type.)

I am wearing...a grey sweatshirt-type skirt and simple black tee..

I am creating... a second bag order has been placed, from my friend Annie, and so I'm working on that this week.

I am going... to leave soon!  Taking Caleb to his last day of Camp, for this week.  Then, taking the children to their last night of Vacation Bible School, later on, this evening..

I am wondering... what the weather will do today?!?!?  It seems like this whole week, it has been hot and humid during the day with rain/thunderstorms in the evening.  I wondering if my girls will find all of the puddles - left in the outside toys - from the heavy rain last evening?  Yup... they sure did.

I am reading... nothing new at this point!  Sorry... ALTHOUGH.  I will say, I've never been so tickled in all  my life to receive these two cookbooks back around my birthday.  The Homemade Pantry (given to me by, my friend, Johanna!) and Celebrations, by Mennonite Girls Can Cook - (given to me by, my friend, Kelli!).

I am looking forward to...having our dear friends move, this weekend and live closer to us.  This has been a work in progress.  It's finally happening.

I am learning.. how much I value and appreciate the family coming together at the end of the day and sitting to the table, to share the evening meal together.  This week was a busy one - with myself and the children leaving (for VBS) about the same time my husband would get home from work..

Around the house... there are a few things that need to be done around here, today.  Pulling weeds in the flower beds is one of them.  After a good rain... it makes that job seem kinda fun and easy.  The weeds, they pull right out. 

I am pondering... this quote here of late.  I think it is kind of interesting how much it gets played out on the daily day-to-day around our home.  From all of us.
         Here it is ---
A favorite quote for today... "Where the heart is willing it will find a thousand ways, but where it is unwilling it will find a thousand excuses." ~ Anonymous Author

One of my favorite things.. while driving at night, we've been noticing... the hollows, the yards and fields are full this time of year with fireflies.  We go ahead and open the windows and smell the summer night-time air they're chasing after. ;)

 A few plans for the rest of the week:  Helping our friends finish their move this weekend.  Also, a picnic with our Church on Sunday - after service.  Possibly getting together with some family, as well.

A photo for the day...
Today I share a bouquet of dried roses!  I don't get a fresh bouquet too often and so why not make it last a little longer... to enjoy all the more!!

Joining up with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Enjoy your Summer Weekend! 

Any special plans?? 

1000 Words :: Yup! We even wash the washer.

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I'm joining up with Kaitlin @ Homemaker Design, today!

Homemaker Design/>

But, today I'm breaking the rules.

When Kaitlin says that a picture is worth a thousand words...well, yes! I agree.  However, somehow, this time, I wish I had a mere Thousand Words to express my gratitude to my wonderful, handy-man husband...who fixed our washer for us.  He willingly took on some extra curricula reading and valued time out of his busy schooling schedule to read up on a Washing Machine Manuel.  He poured over online repair videos to be sure he was honing in on the exact problem.  Along with keeping his own attributed ability, intuitiveness and skill in place..
You have to know we have been limping along with our washer for far too long - and finally one afternoon the thing had finally and fully bitten the dust.  

The clothes on the line (the photo, taken at night) were wrung out by hand just to keep them from being piled up in a wash basket somewhere until the machine got fixed.  They semi-dried overnight (and eventually they got rewashed, of course!).  As you can also see, in the photo above... we decided to scrub up any and all accessible parts and make them as clean as new.  That was fun..

The first batch of parts soon came - and the machine "repaired" only to realize that that wasn't (fully) the fix.  Back to the manual and online tutorial again.

By now, and, a couple of days later.  The laundry piles were piling higher..

More parts came and Scott excused himself from attending our small group meeting one night in hopes of fully getting it repaired and then would join us later.

He never showed up.

The running joke among our group, that night, was that most likely "the button got pushed" and either he was "happy-dizzy and in circles" over the issue or "agitated" because of it. ;)  (hence the riddle from the other day..)

When I got home that night with our three children, from the S.G. Meeting.  My washer was fixed and all remaining loads of laundry that had mounted were DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm telling ya...
I love this man.

By the way, we needed those clothes as we were packing, the next day, to go away for the weekend.
Of course, coming home from our weekend away (in the mountains) to a Washer that worked - for real!  and correctly..??

Now, that made my day.

See!  I told you I would break the rules.

What is your photo worth a 1000 Words?  Join in, with Kaitlin - will you?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Weekend {away!} in Photos - Part One

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These photos are of our past weekend - while visiting with  my sister and brother-in-law, at his family's cabin.  My Mom also joined us.

Come back another day (I don't know when)... for more!  While we visited two places of interest:  Rolling Hills Red Deer Farm and Knobels.

Some great photos ahead!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Swinging... in the Breeze!

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A simple way...
But nothing's as sweet
Than swinging a swing
and wearing bare feet.

Here's to my son who could do this all afternoon.  And sometimes, he does.

I hope your day is a breeze!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Once upon a Summer Day!

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Hello!  (sheepishly asking) Anyone still out there?  I am, and just wanted to let you know that I am still here.  Special thanks to just one of my readers (Kim!) who let me know they were wondering if I was okay.   I greatly appreciated that.

Wow! What a busy couple of days.  Last week, I did want to let you know what I was up to, where I was and what I was doing, before we left, this past weekend, but time did not allow.  I hope you understand.

Just to give it to you in a nutshell..

My six-year old, Caleb, has been attending a Day Camp (Camp Good News/Bible Camp) close by to our home.  I have him there by 9:30 and picked back up by 3pm.  He'll be going for a total of five weeks this Summer.  Having a super HUGE blast... and making lots of new friends while keeping the old.  He was able to enjoy the first week with some buddies from his class in school.

By the way!  Happy Summer!  We actually enjoyed the "First Day of Summer", Friday (as Caleb couldn't wait for that day to come around...??) as a family with my sister Rachel and her family (along with my Mom!) to her husband's family's cabin.  

And then, Saturday - was spent enjoying our first and exciting experience of Knobels.  So, I can't wait to share pictures with you of our wonderful weekend and time together.  (Please, have patience while I get them all together!)

It seems like this week will be just as busy.

Our kids are planning to attend an evening VBS this week - at my Mom's Church.  Remember Caleb is in Day Camp all this week... plus VBS?  Let's just say our Caleb will be super wiped out till the end.  One of the things is that because the location of the Summer/Vacation Bible School isn't so close to our home I will stay and find a "room" where I'll be able to set up my sewing machine, to sew, and hopefully be able to keep Jayne entertained while the other two are there, in class.

On a side note.  I wanted to let you know have the best husband around.  I can't wait to brag on him in another post.  Here is a hint for you in the form of a riddle, as to why I say what I say.

If buttons get pushed, I get agitated.
Push the right ones- I get dizzy.
It's not that I'm nervous, at all, no not...
It's that I enjoy being busy ... a lot.
What am I?


So.  I'm sitting here enjoying a mug of Iced Coffee!  The laundry line is filled full.  The baby is asleep, taking a lazy summer afternoon nap. The kids are having a quiet afternoon - as far as I know regarding Caleb - and  Aubrey and the little gal I'm watching for the summer are indoors, at the table, coloring and doing puzzles. 

It sure has felt good to sit down and enjoy this moment with you, my friend. 

I hope your day continues, full of blessing..

Once upon a Summer Day!!

:: Photo credit belongs to my sister, Lorene.  I think it was taken sometime last summer.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Winsome Girl

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I just loved the photo, from here, of the old milk can so much so, that I had to bring it around again.  I tweaked it just a hair and called it my own.  Thanks sis!

The Winsome Girl ( a selection taken from, Ideals and Moral Lessons for Children)
"The winsome girl has a warm, loving heart.
She feels "smiley" inside, and the smiles just shine out. She does not
think about herself. She does not stand about moping,
waiting to be coaxed into a game. She does not take offense when none was
intended. She does not imagine that other girls are slighting her. She does not
always want to be first. The winsome girl does not hang her head and refuse to
reply when strangers or older people speak to her, but answers as sweetly and
politely as possible.

She may be bashful, and her heart may go thumpety-thump in the
presence of strangers, but she is never rude or surly on that account.
She is brave enough to do hard things, and talking to strangers is a very
hard thing for a naturally bashful girl. The winsome girl never sulks. She
is not the sort that never has opinions, but she does not become angry with
those who differ from her. If she cannot agree with her companions, she does not
compel them to agree with her. The winsome girl is - just winsome, that is all.
Keep your eyes open, and you will find her some time.
Keep sweet, and other folks may find her when they look at you! And that would be best of all.
I share all of  this selection with you, again, as a result of a telling conversation my husband and I had a couple of days ago.   In our conversation, I was saying that one of the things I've struggled with, all of my life, is my naturally quiet voice. (Along with my somewhat quiet disposition albeit my engaging personality.) ;)
My quiet persona, per say, will oft "get me" in trouble... if and when I have to speak up.  It's then that I'll feel like I'm yelling at the top of my lungs just to be heard.  It happens more often than I would like.

Example:  Hypothetically speaking.  If I ever were to be a consultant for any sort of Home Show type of thing... and I lost control of the room?? ... oh boy, Would I ever be able to bring it back to the subject at hand?  without getting rattled...really, that is the question.

That would prove to be interesting. 

Now.  I know this isn't always the case, my quietness. Just ask our neighbors, who hear me "calling" after the kids.  But boy, do I ever hate it when I have to raise my voice...even just a little bit.  I hate it that after a couple of reserved, comfortable, quiet requests... which I like best...in order to keep peace...I cave to the "now I've lost it and must be heard" level of speaking.  Is it me?  or is it others ears??

Which gets me in a quandary.  I feel like I'm falling off the winsome wagon. Perhaps?  Maybe I have fallen off the winsome wagon...a long time ago.  Oh! help me to hang on, I pray.
My friends who know me best - probably will challenge this and think - yeah right, she ain't as quiet, all around, as she thinks she is.  To which I would reply.  I have become like those whom I am around the most.  :)  wink, wink.

However, all joking aside, this has always been a prayer of mine.  A heart's desire for sure, while growing up. To be the Winsome Girl.  Did I mention this?  My Dad would read this piece often our bedtime,during reading stories.  If he would forget - we would beg him to read it again and again.   A fond memory, I have!!

 And, I do realize one can be winsome with out necessarily having that (naturally) quiet voice.  It is the disposition towards winsomeness.. that I most care about.

I pray the same for my own two beautiful daughters... may their spirits' be sweet.  And winsome.

I know they'll learn best by example.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Would-Be, Surprise (40th!) Birthday Celebration

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It was supposed to be a surprise.  And it almost was.  For last Saturday, (back on the 8th!) my husband, did the sweetest thing.  He hacked my email account and "went to town".  Inviting friends and family - as best as he could figure out who was who - and planed a big ole 40th {surprise!} birthday celebration for me.  He felt bad he couldn't invite everyone..but did the best he could.

(My brother Joel - sitting here, with my three kids.. throw in my youngest brother, Nathan...on this next photo.)

Speech!!  My husband is too funny..
My sister Rachel and her three daughters, along with my Aubrey and Caleb
L to R: my husband's Uncle Jack, Aunt MaryJeanne, Susie (my MIL),  Rhoda (my Mom) and my Aunt Mary Ellen.
Aunt Juline (my sister!) with baby Jayne.
My brother Justin with his girl - Kelsey!  and my daughter Jayne.
 (All of these photos are all my sister, Lorene's ... I asked her permission to post them.)

While you don't see many folks here other than my siblings or my mom and mother-in-law, aunts or uncles ...there really was quite a group of dear close friends represented.  I was really blessed by their outpouring of love and birthday blessing.  To which I say, Thank-You!, to each and every one.

I am aware not every one could come that was invited; it is the beginning to a busy time of year and there were obvious busy schedules already in place.

I just felt so blessed that Scott did this for me! As I said,  I would have been really surprised...

But honestly, I found out, unintentionally - like as early as the day before - that Friday, by some well-meaning friends who sent a birthday card to the house.  It had me curious.. :) Only because of something that was written in the card.  My birthday was on Monday, the 10th!

All an honest "mistake"...;)

I love the barn where the Birthday Celebration took place.  In fact, one of my bridal showers was held here.  If only I would have remembered my own camera... eh?

Oh.  One more thing.  My sister and brother-in-law (John & Rachel) provided the full Catered Meal and Cake for the event.  It was fabulous.

The whole thing was a HUGE SCORE for my man.  Well done, babe!  You did good, you did good!

"My daddy, he's awesome!"
My friend Gail.  It looks like she's saying,  "Listen Bevy, this is what's coming for you, in the years ahead... Okay?"  (haha!)
I will say, turning forty, so far, hasn't been that bad.  Most days I certainly don't feel 40... and then other days...???



On to living out my 41st year!!  

I like to remember this..

Only one life, `twill soon be passed.  
Only what's done for Christ will last.

Friday, June 14, 2013

1000 Words :: The Best {Dad}!

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UPDATED TO ADD:  One new photo from Father's Day!!


Linking up today with Kaitlin from Homemaker Design.

Homemaker Design/>

Have a Wonderful (Father's Day) Weekend!!
Be sure, to tell Dad... let him know that he's... The Best!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

~ the benefits of summer

. ... ... .... ... .. .. ... ... .... .... .. . . .. .... .. .

My sweet sister, Rachel, blessed me with some berries from her garden/berry patch the other day...
so yummy.  Thanks, Rach..

I ended up making a batch of freezer jam with them.  And, with what was left...(ahem!) we had them with shortcake.

Growing up.  When things were "in season".  That item was basically the only thing on the menu for dinner that evening.  If we picked berries that day, it was Strawberries and Shortcake served warm with milk.  If it was Sweet Corn?  Well then, Corn on the Cob with a side of tomato slices.  Or Corn Pie..

:: The benefits of Summer!  Yes?

I'm looking forward to it.  Aren't you?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make New Friends!

.. . .... .. .... .. .... .. .. ... ... ...... .. .. ... .. .. . . . .. ..

I just had an absolutely blessed and beautiful day with this sweet and beautiful gal, today!!

She and two of her (so cute!) children - came to our house for the whole day. 
Let me tell you.  It sure was nice to get to finally meet an old blogging friend for the first time - face to face.

Thank you for coming all this way - Johanna.

My kids really loved having you spend the day with us!   And I...
 I loved it, too.

No one wanted to part ways.  Memories were made.  
The kids played great together.  Gifts were shared...

I'm sure this won't be the last time - together.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blessings, they fall like rain...oh yes!

. ... .. ... .. . .. .... . .. ... . ... .. .. . .. . . ... . .

My mom is cute, this way.
She has held onto this cloth Calendar towel since the year I was born.

:: 1973::

Since she gave it to me... I decided to make use of it, and use it as a table runner for my kitchen island.


Wow!  Hey.  Thank you to all for your birthday wishes sent my way.  Via either through email, your blog comments, Facebook - or of actual cards in the mail.

What a special day, I had yesterday!

My hubby took the day off and together we decided to make our usual (monthly) grocery run, to Lancaster County.  The children joined us, of course.  It was also Caleb's last day of Kindergarten yesterday, as well.

The whole day was as RAINY as all get out!!
Like straight down, falling hard, bouts of beautiful sounding rain.

I kept saying ...

Wow!!  Showers of Blessing, for me!?!?!?!?
 ( I was so, so grateful that my husband, Scott, was with me, for the day. HE is such a blessing.
All around.  All of the time.)


It's nice to have a well-stocked kitchen again.
And, to feel that my heart is full and running over, as well.

Here's to the next 40 years...
I promise.  I also want to show you what my husband did for me this past weekend.  I'm waiting on photos from my sister, though.  So, hang in there.

I wanted to add one more thing.  

Cute as it was, last evening while tucking my six year old into bed... he started to cry.  He was upset that there weren't any presents for me to open (yesterday!).  I explained it was all okay - that I had, had presents given to me on Saturday.  That really, the best gift I had been given was my family.
At 40 years of age.  It's not the presents that matter (like it might to a six year old), rather it is the presence of friends and family that mean so much more.

I don't know if he really 'believed' me or understood... but it calmed him down, enough for a good night of sleep.

Another blessing, indeed.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrating a Milestone, today! {40yrs}

... .... .. ... .. ... .. .... .... ... ... .... .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .

 "For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." 

~ unknown

Thank you for your Birthday wishes today.  
Quietly off, with family, to enjoy them...

When I get it all together (photos, etc.) I can't wait to show you what my hubby did for me on Saturday.  So sweet!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

"The Gum Chewers" {their first debut}

.. ... .. .. .... .. ..... .. ... .. .. ... .. ... ... .... .. .. . .. . .. ..

And now.... (with a just a tad bit of persuasion- but not much)...may I introduce to you my two oldest in their first ever LIVE! music production video.  The quality of the video is not the best - but, by far, this is one of my most favorite "memories" I've ever preserved, for us - of my children.


Blessings on your weekend!

Sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!  
(It's okay. Even,to sing, with gum in your mouth!)

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