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Friday, June 28, 2013

1000 Words :: Yup! We even wash the washer.

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I'm joining up with Kaitlin @ Homemaker Design, today!

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But, today I'm breaking the rules.

When Kaitlin says that a picture is worth a thousand words...well, yes! I agree.  However, somehow, this time, I wish I had a mere Thousand Words to express my gratitude to my wonderful, handy-man husband...who fixed our washer for us.  He willingly took on some extra curricula reading and valued time out of his busy schooling schedule to read up on a Washing Machine Manuel.  He poured over online repair videos to be sure he was honing in on the exact problem.  Along with keeping his own attributed ability, intuitiveness and skill in place..
You have to know we have been limping along with our washer for far too long - and finally one afternoon the thing had finally and fully bitten the dust.  

The clothes on the line (the photo, taken at night) were wrung out by hand just to keep them from being piled up in a wash basket somewhere until the machine got fixed.  They semi-dried overnight (and eventually they got rewashed, of course!).  As you can also see, in the photo above... we decided to scrub up any and all accessible parts and make them as clean as new.  That was fun..

The first batch of parts soon came - and the machine "repaired" only to realize that that wasn't (fully) the fix.  Back to the manual and online tutorial again.

By now, and, a couple of days later.  The laundry piles were piling higher..

More parts came and Scott excused himself from attending our small group meeting one night in hopes of fully getting it repaired and then would join us later.

He never showed up.

The running joke among our group, that night, was that most likely "the button got pushed" and either he was "happy-dizzy and in circles" over the issue or "agitated" because of it. ;)  (hence the riddle from the other day..)

When I got home that night with our three children, from the S.G. Meeting.  My washer was fixed and all remaining loads of laundry that had mounted were DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm telling ya...
I love this man.

By the way, we needed those clothes as we were packing, the next day, to go away for the weekend.
Of course, coming home from our weekend away (in the mountains) to a Washer that worked - for real!  and correctly..??

Now, that made my day.

See!  I told you I would break the rules.

What is your photo worth a 1000 Words?  Join in, with Kaitlin - will you?


  1. Awww!! That is amazing - YAY Scott!! I LOVE that he not only fixed it but finished all the laundry too! You have a keeper! ;) So great...it's so great that I'll be okay with the fact you broke the rules! ;) lol!! Blessings!

  2. Yeah! That was a great post, Bev! Thumbs up (and 5 languages learned...) to Scott for DOING the leftover laundry! Wahoo - you go, Scott!


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