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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blessings, they fall like rain...oh yes!

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My mom is cute, this way.
She has held onto this cloth Calendar towel since the year I was born.

:: 1973::

Since she gave it to me... I decided to make use of it, and use it as a table runner for my kitchen island.


Wow!  Hey.  Thank you to all for your birthday wishes sent my way.  Via either through email, your blog comments, Facebook - or of actual cards in the mail.

What a special day, I had yesterday!

My hubby took the day off and together we decided to make our usual (monthly) grocery run, to Lancaster County.  The children joined us, of course.  It was also Caleb's last day of Kindergarten yesterday, as well.

The whole day was as RAINY as all get out!!
Like straight down, falling hard, bouts of beautiful sounding rain.

I kept saying ...

Wow!!  Showers of Blessing, for me!?!?!?!?
 ( I was so, so grateful that my husband, Scott, was with me, for the day. HE is such a blessing.
All around.  All of the time.)


It's nice to have a well-stocked kitchen again.
And, to feel that my heart is full and running over, as well.

Here's to the next 40 years...
I promise.  I also want to show you what my husband did for me this past weekend.  I'm waiting on photos from my sister, though.  So, hang in there.

I wanted to add one more thing.  

Cute as it was, last evening while tucking my six year old into bed... he started to cry.  He was upset that there weren't any presents for me to open (yesterday!).  I explained it was all okay - that I had, had presents given to me on Saturday.  That really, the best gift I had been given was my family.
At 40 years of age.  It's not the presents that matter (like it might to a six year old), rather it is the presence of friends and family that mean so much more.

I don't know if he really 'believed' me or understood... but it calmed him down, enough for a good night of sleep.

Another blessing, indeed.


  1. Bevy, You sound like me about having the hubby with you.. I too love days when we just are together, no matter if its just shopping or sitting home.. Best Blessings ever... so glad your day was overfilled and like I told another blogger friend, One Day shopping now that is something for me to conquer.. lol... maybe in the future though... and the sweetness of a child, this showed how big his heart loves you.. hugs and have a wonderful evening...

  2. Happy (Belated) Birthday Bevy!

    You could of knocked me over with a feather, when you said you were 40!
    I love that Caleb had such a heart for you. That is a present all by itself. Looks like he is following in his Daddy's footsteps.

    You are blessed, indeed!


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