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Monday, June 3, 2013

Grow in HIS Grace

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Crisis reveals character.
Character is not formed in crisis, that is when it is exhibited. ~ unknown.

Today's post may be a bit of a re-post...but as I have been mulling and mulling over this thought for the past couple of days, I really felt I needed/wanted to share it with you, again -- today.  I hope you don't mind.

Grow in His Grace.

Some time ago, I asked the Lord to give me word picture for the fact of better understanding what it meant to grow in His grace.  At the time - those words, that phrase, didn't roll off my tongue very easily. Grow in His Grace?  I wanted to understand.  As well, I don't remember exactly where in Scripture I was reading, at the time, but I think James chapter 1 - seems most fitting.

This is what came...

My heart, my life - lay out as it were a plot of garden soil.   The soil was hard and dry.

You know, as well I, in order for soil to be anything good and fertile - it needs to be worked up.  Dug deep and turned over.  With those trials that seem to turn us upside down are also those things that "worm" their way in - announced and unexpected.  Those little nuisances.  Yes?

But... in thinking about it.  If it wasn't for those bugs and worms that live; making their home in the soil (bless their heart!), the ground would remain hard and certainly not fertile.
So it is with me and my heart.  I need that stuff every now and again to keep my heart soft and pliable.
(I don't always like to see it this way...)

There needs to be plenty of sunshine.  True.  But even this can be unbearable at times.  All sun and heat will cause a withering to take place. A drought.  The heat of hardtimes hit us over and over.  Don't they?
But the warm sunshine does allow things to grow.  It's vitally important.

Good soil.  It needs to be well-watered.  Those raindrops that fall as necessity...we NEED rain to give it's nutrients into the ground.  So it is that He "rains" down his blessings on us.  Ever notice though, how after a good hard rain - those worms are there even more.  And boy, are there ever some BIG ones!
But after the rain, this is when they (worms) do their best work.  

In other words.  In the garden of our hearts -- don't be surprised when after blessings come our way that the trials will begin to do their perfect work. This then is when our hearts are most able to receive the next wave of blessing that he pours out.  At least this is the way it should be...

Isn't God good?  To give us so many blessings?

And God's Grace is evident in each facet of the "plan".  His plan. Think of how many things will grow and continue to grow if we allow God - the Master Gardener - to make all things beautiful in HIS time?  And, in how He wills?

This is how we can grown in His Grace.  By being willing, submitting, and committing to live under the guidance of his gardening plan.

James 1:12
Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.


  1. You painted a great word picture for me!

  2. Here we go. I thought I should share this with you all - my readers - in a comment form to let you know I've been given an opportunity to practice what I'm "preaching". ;(

    EXACTLY at the time I hit "publish", to this post, I went to close up the zipper to my Bible, and the zipper broke. AHHHH!!!

    You have to understand, this Bible cover has been with me forever - like an old friend. My Bible even more. It is an OLD friend! And it NEEDS...my Bible, It needs a cover. I doubt this cover will be able to be replaced with an exact case much less the zipper - because it is a leather case, yadda yadda.
    But. It is what it is.

    A little ole "worm" into the soil of my life.

    The struggle was there (and remains) IMMEDIATELY - as to how I was going to respond to this..

    It's a zipper!! But - the truth is. In time - something will come of it, for sure.

    God knows. All about it.

  3. I am seeing this week ahead of me and realizing with all that I've got going on it will be full of trial. I just pray they are not of my own making. When life gets full and stressful, I get short and irritable with the ones who matter most to me. Thank you for offering this moment of perspective as I dive into this full week...

    1. I'll be thinking of you and praying...

      Through "trowel and error" - we grow!!!

      All is grace.

  4. Thank you for these words....so encouraging!

  5. Love this. Especially the part about turning over the soil--when we feel upside down, we are softened. Beautiful image. Thank you for sharing! And for stopping by my blog :)


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