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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Weekend {away!} in Photos - Part One

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These photos are of our past weekend - while visiting with  my sister and brother-in-law, at his family's cabin.  My Mom also joined us.

Come back another day (I don't know when)... for more!  While we visited two places of interest:  Rolling Hills Red Deer Farm and Knobels.

Some great photos ahead!!


  1. GREAT photos!! That looked like a really nice and restful time!! Oooh camping - I haven't gone in soo long! Hey I have a sit and stand stroller too! ;) Love the shot of your feet up and relaxing! :D And that first one of the tress - just gorgeous! Oh and those (I'm thinking) grilled cheese sandwiches - I just want to reach in and grab one - they look soo yummy!!!! mmmmmm!!

    1. Those sandwiches are called "Mountain Pies". Done over an open fire..

      These ones, in the photo, are filled with Cherry and/or Apple Pie Filling, along with a dollop of Cream Cheese. Very Yummy.

      It sounds like I may have to do a post on these, sometime...(NOTE: I am not a professional Mountain Pie Maker!) but let me assure you ... the "filling" possibilities are endless.

    2. OH MY those sound AMAZING!!! I'm seriously drooling!! Wow!


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