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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Winsome Girl

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I just loved the photo, from here, of the old milk can so much so, that I had to bring it around again.  I tweaked it just a hair and called it my own.  Thanks sis!

The Winsome Girl ( a selection taken from, Ideals and Moral Lessons for Children)
"The winsome girl has a warm, loving heart.
She feels "smiley" inside, and the smiles just shine out. She does not
think about herself. She does not stand about moping,
waiting to be coaxed into a game. She does not take offense when none was
intended. She does not imagine that other girls are slighting her. She does not
always want to be first. The winsome girl does not hang her head and refuse to
reply when strangers or older people speak to her, but answers as sweetly and
politely as possible.

She may be bashful, and her heart may go thumpety-thump in the
presence of strangers, but she is never rude or surly on that account.
She is brave enough to do hard things, and talking to strangers is a very
hard thing for a naturally bashful girl. The winsome girl never sulks. She
is not the sort that never has opinions, but she does not become angry with
those who differ from her. If she cannot agree with her companions, she does not
compel them to agree with her. The winsome girl is - just winsome, that is all.
Keep your eyes open, and you will find her some time.
Keep sweet, and other folks may find her when they look at you! And that would be best of all.
I share all of  this selection with you, again, as a result of a telling conversation my husband and I had a couple of days ago.   In our conversation, I was saying that one of the things I've struggled with, all of my life, is my naturally quiet voice. (Along with my somewhat quiet disposition albeit my engaging personality.) ;)
My quiet persona, per say, will oft "get me" in trouble... if and when I have to speak up.  It's then that I'll feel like I'm yelling at the top of my lungs just to be heard.  It happens more often than I would like.

Example:  Hypothetically speaking.  If I ever were to be a consultant for any sort of Home Show type of thing... and I lost control of the room?? ... oh boy, Would I ever be able to bring it back to the subject at hand?  without getting rattled...really, that is the question.

That would prove to be interesting. 

Now.  I know this isn't always the case, my quietness. Just ask our neighbors, who hear me "calling" after the kids.  But boy, do I ever hate it when I have to raise my voice...even just a little bit.  I hate it that after a couple of reserved, comfortable, quiet requests... which I like best...in order to keep peace...I cave to the "now I've lost it and must be heard" level of speaking.  Is it me?  or is it others ears??

Which gets me in a quandary.  I feel like I'm falling off the winsome wagon. Perhaps?  Maybe I have fallen off the winsome wagon...a long time ago.  Oh! help me to hang on, I pray.
My friends who know me best - probably will challenge this and think - yeah right, she ain't as quiet, all around, as she thinks she is.  To which I would reply.  I have become like those whom I am around the most.  :)  wink, wink.

However, all joking aside, this has always been a prayer of mine.  A heart's desire for sure, while growing up. To be the Winsome Girl.  Did I mention this?  My Dad would read this piece often our bedtime,during reading stories.  If he would forget - we would beg him to read it again and again.   A fond memory, I have!!

 And, I do realize one can be winsome with out necessarily having that (naturally) quiet voice.  It is the disposition towards winsomeness.. that I most care about.

I pray the same for my own two beautiful daughters... may their spirits' be sweet.  And winsome.

I know they'll learn best by example.


  1. I have never heard these qualities referred to as winsome but I sure do like it. What a beautiful word and what beautiful attributes to strive for. And you begged your own father to read this again and again? Good for you! It should be the prayer of every woman... that we may be the winsome girl, and of course of every mother, that her daughters will too be winsome.

    :), Debbie

  2. Loved this post, Bevy.. This is something I am gonna ponder on for myself and my daughter.. I was raised with HIGH Morals and I have tried to maintain them through out my life, but I also have failed at times.. But myself having a daughter which is 15 and the world being so morally challenged, I feel we as women, mothers, it is our duty to help our daughters all we can.. And I have to think on how lucky will the husband be when that time comes..Thanks for sharing..


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