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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{about those} Mountain Pies

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Coming from a Non-Professional Mountain Pie Maker (that would be me!)... here is how it is done.  Or, at least, here are just a few possibilities of how to make, and what to put into a Mountain Pie... as they {the possibilities} are endless.

Obviously, the outdoor fire needs to be made, burning pretty good and left to die down just a bit.  This part of it and it's technicality... I will leave to the Professionals.  (I didn't do this part of it..to be honest.)

But you take the pie irons...

Make sure they are good and hot and ready.  But BE CAREFUL in the handling of them...and watch around you to be sure no one is in your surroundings that they might get burned.

Take the pie irons... and go ahead and take (already buttered) two pieces of (white sandwich, works the best) bread... and place butter side down on to the Pie Iron.  Fill with your favorite combo of ingredients...

You'll work great as a team with someone manning the fire and doing the grilling while someone else butters and fills the sandwiches.  Grilling time, I would say, takes approximately  4-6 minutes - until nicely toasted and heated through.  (I'm waiting for a Professional to correct me if I'm wrong..)

Once the Sandwich or Pie ingredients are in place, the two sides come together and clamp and basically you almost have what one would call a Panini ... except that this is done over an open fire...outdoors.  Another hint to be aware of is that you are to be careful not to get any of the filling on to the actual iron.  Otherwise it will burn and char and you'll have to "re-season" the griddle. You might also want to take a knife and trim any excess of bread or filling that has been squeezed out through the two pieces of iron.  Again, that will give you a clean sandwich/pie and no excess burning.

Here are a few suggestions:

Peanut Butter and Jam or Preserves.  (Preserves is "heavier" than a jelly and will hold up better in the sandwich..)

Any sort of Pie Filling... (1-2 Tablespoons, your choice)
but try mixing Apple Pie Filling and Cherry Pie Filling.  Adding with that, a knife-swipe of softened Cream Cheese.  YUMMM!!
 **  Somewhere I read to try using Angel Food Cake slices instead of Bread and filling with a Tablespoon or two of Cherry Pie Filling...sprinkling the finale with Powdered Sugar, to serve. 

Pizza sauce, cheese, Pepperoni, etc.

Different hard salami's, ham and cheeses..

My favorite one -
Roasted Turkey lunch meat (thick sliced), Provolone Cheese, Tomato Slices with a sprinkle of Italian Seasoning.. some crisp bacon slices in there would be a nice addition as well.

One more tip!  Don't ask me how I know this..
Be sure not to flip HOT PIES out onto Styrofoam plates.  They kinda melt..

Have you ever made  Mountain Pies?  If so, what are your favorite combo's and or suggestions?


  1. Oh, I have eaten many of these pies over the years. Mom and Dad have a pie maker, and we always used it when we went camping. We enjoyed pizza in it, and I love blueberry pies! We used it not too long ago when we visited with them. Dad built a shelter in their woods, and put a fireplace out there too, so we enjoy spending time there in the summer when we visit...good memories! :-)

  2. Oh my Bevy! Those look DE-LISH! This is the first time I have heard of the term 'mountain pies'. Must be an American thing?

  3. Love this idea... I am not a camper though I have went with my parents once or twice YEARS ago... but I do love cooking over an open fire... Yummy, and I am sure I would love a "Mountain Pie"... Now I want to go Camping...


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