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Monday, July 15, 2013

First one foot, then another...

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To any and all that care...

You know that Fishing Trip??
Well, I'm back up and running again.  Special thanks to that awesome Husband of mine...  ((I told you so!)).  I told you I am Blessed, and I mean it.


I think I'm going to be taking it a bit slow(er), in the blogging realm, for now.


Enjoying the Summer, with you!  One day at time... first one foot, then another.

::  Photos are of my daughter, playing with camera, while running out our sidewalk.  I just love kids perspectives - especially when it comes to photography.


  1. Summer is a great time to s-l-o-w things down.
    Enjoy every minute with your children.
    Cute, cute, cute, pictures.

  2. Enjoy, and glad the fishing trip is over... slow days are the best...

  3. always love your photos!!....we all need to slow down,
    and just enjoy family and friends, nothing like hot
    summer days and balmy nights to do so...Corinne


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