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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Itty Bitty Issue (that makes me tick! ;)) and, Giveaway Winner Announcement

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In the meantime... this is what I've been dealing with...

Some of you may have caught on in my last post that I was headed to the Doctor later that afternoon.  I went, on Monday, because I was feeling so "not right" - most of the weekend - and, also, for the fact that I had developed this red, spotty (large) rash all over my body.  My stomach really hurt and I had been having pretty bad and frequent headaches..earlier in the week.

I had first thought it was a flare-up to my past, but recent, Phlebitis issue, with my leg.  Not too long ago I woke up with a leg cramp in my lower calf where I had had surgery - so I figured because now I had a couple of suspicious (red) areas on my leg, that this was it.  So, to be comfortable I took an Aleeve a couple of nights in a row... just to keep any inflammation at bay.

 Because these spots starting coming on so strong... everywhere!!... I thought maybe - at first it was Hives or an allergic reaction to something.  I even tried Benadryl.  It didn't touch it.  So, I knew it wasn't that.

Then, because it was so hot, I chalked up shortness of breath and the above said headaches and nausea to the recent heat wave.  Maybe it contributed...however, along with all of that came what I figured was just one HUGE heat rash near my groin due to being all hot and sweaty.  I'm sorry, I know... to much information..

And then I remembered!

About two weeks ago... I had pulled a tick from that very same area on my upper leg.  (Grateful that I found it.., because it was buried deep into me.  I made sure it was all there... and it was a deer tick.)
Photo Source
**Don't check out the photo source - unless you want to be grossed out..  Just sayin'.  I needed a photo..

In talking to several folks, over the weekend, about why all of a sudden I was getting this rash and what have you...
They encouraged me to PLEASE! - go see a Doctor.  LIKE as in MONDAY!

 I'm so glad I went.

I don't go to doctors for every little thing...and so the Doctor and I both agreed.  We're so glad I actually had a rash to make me come in...otherwise I'd still be home trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  Myself.

Off course, blood work was taken and I won't hear the true results of that for several days... but she (the Doctor) was REALLY certain that I have LYME'S DISEASE.   The rash I have all over, everywhere, is/was a dead giveaway.**  So, this explains so much of my my other "horrible" feelings...over the past several days.

Things such as: fever, chills, swelling joints with pain, extreme fatigue, foggy brain, tender and sensitivity to touch...


Absolute Horribleness.

All from one teeny, tiny tick.
It kind of ticks me off (I had to use this pun!) that I got this sickness now, all from one Itty Bitty Tick.

Yet, it is one of God's Creation.  And having this (now) is part of God's plan for me.

But really?  How one thing so small - can cause such an array of "nightmare" and trial??

Makes me think of another analogy.  

Sin is like this, isn't it?

Just one tiny thing can really have a rippling, crippling affect in one's life and before you know it... it's devastating and out of control.

It's a slow thing.

Sometimes it can be caught early and the signs are apparent that something is wrong and out of line and be "restored" (as in my case, Lord Willing! with this tick bite) hopefully quickly... but, sometimes it is a force to be reckoned with for a very long time.

Sin is ugly like that.

It proves that we are vulnerable; no one is certain or sure to be free from sin and effects.

Only the BLOOD of JESUS can do that.  It is pure!!  And thank God, it covers...cleans... restores...heals!

Any contributing thoughts, you would like to add, to this?

I would love to hear from you..

I did hear from one friend, yesterday, via email with a verse, which was timely and so appreciated:

"And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast." ~1 Peter 5:10 
** Yes! I am currently prescribed a 30-day dosage of Antibiotics...

Announcing the GIVEAWAY winner, from Monday!

But first...I just want to say - wow!!!!!!!  - to all the thoughts, feelings, and comments shared regarding my last post. I loved reading each and every single one.

:: Summer, Skirts and Modesty ::

Never expecting such a response, I really appreciated each of your thoughts that was shared.  I know "fear of man" is HUGE at times and has been present, for me, in me, regarding this topic.  But, I just wanted to be faithful to share my story... and to, if needed to be taken this way... then, to present the challenge, as I saw it.

To me, it proved to be a topic that is very personal in nature.  One to discuss, just the same.  One to sharpen and refine; to challenge (our hearts) if there are any "grey" areas and to hone in on our gratitude to GOD for making us in his image.  Each one of us is special, unique and different - yet designed with a virtue and a value to cherish and uphold.  Biblical Femininity.
A call for Modesty - I feel, all the more, means being set apart and as unto HIM.

Not just in dress.  But in our speech, our mannerisms, our conduct.  True.  It does start in our hearts..

I like the definition I  find in the American College Dictionary
(mod-est) adj. 1. having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one's merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions.
2. free from ostentation or showy extravagance..
3. moderate
4. having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior, speech or dress, etc.; decent.

(mod-es-ty): n., 1. the quality of being modest; freedom from vanity, boastfulness, etc.
2. regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc.
3. simplicity; moderation

And, what a privilege it is.  Amen?


The winner of the bag giveaway is: 
(chosen by a Random  Number Generator)

~ Little Grannie Greene ~
(small bag)

Congratulations goes out to...

::  Rachelle ::

I couldn't think of a better person for this bag to go to.  Rachelle is truly one of my IRL bestie's ... and because I know her personally, I can say this for real.  She is one of the most modest gals out there... in all areas!  It comes through in her speech, her conduct and in her dress.   

I'm so excited that you won this Giveaway, today, Rachelle!
 Congratulations, again!!

I'll get the bag out to you - ASAP.

And, darn it, if that little ole bugger didn't go ahead and crawl up my skirt...;) (ticks me off! haha.) ... know what I mean?


  1. Oh Bevy! How awful! I'm so sorry that you have been feeling so bad. I am glad that you went to the doctor and hopefully you will be back to your old self soon. Praying for you.
    X Shirley-Ann

  2. Hmm...don't know where my comment went...tried to post one this morning but I was using my 'phone' and looks like it didn't go through.

    Anyways I was sorry to hear this!! My hubby and my youngest daughter have both been bitten by ticks this year - but thankfully neither of them seem to have contracted Lyme Disease - I pray you heal quickly and feel more yourself soon!!! ♥

  3. I saw on facebook that you had contracted Lyme's disease. It sounds awful, but I'm praising the Lord that it was caught early. Hoping and praying that you are feeling better, my friend!

  4. I'll be praying for you to feel better soon! By the way...loved the analogy...so true! As always, I enjoy your posts. Melanie

  5. Don't forget to take your probiotics!

    Praying for your wellness soon friend;-)

  6. What a blessing you found out what it was causing all your illness symptoms!! SO important to deal with it right away. Wow!! May the LORD bless you continually and heal you completely. Blessings to you! Camille

  7. Dear Bev,
    SO sorry to read that you have Lyme's - UGH! As if regular ole life isn't hard enough -right ? However, I agree - God has a plan and His will is perfect. HIS will. We'll be praying for you! I'm sure you'll be antibiotics so I echo Amanda's charge to TAKE PRO biotics along with any other meds they prescribe.

    LOVE you!


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