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Monday, July 29, 2013

Not in One Day?

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Home was not built in a day!

"Having a heart of sympathy for your children will mean, by necessity, choosing a less busy lifestyle. It will mean lowering your expectations about what can and must be accomplished in a day. If it means winning your child's heart, though, the trade offs are well worth the results."     ~Sally Clarkston

Home was not built in a day.. nor, does it take one day for flowers to be in full bloom.  We all know... It takes time!
Planning. Patience.  Perseverance. People.


 I'm choosing to remember this today.  I have a friend here today - actually, she volunteered - just to come and help out.
Sometimes, in order to keep a HOME running smoothly.  Intentionally.  On purpose, with purpose, we need others to help a long the way.

(In dealing with this Lyme's...)
It's going to be a SLOW week...but, I'm going forward.
Thank you for your continued prayers.

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