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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Weekend {away} in Photos - Part Two!

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Remember, that weekend{away}?  Here is  Part One!

Here are groupings of photos - promised - to you, of the rest of our recent Weekend Away at my sister's husbands family's cabin. Got that? ;)  We took the day (actually, just this particular morning) to visit this Rolling Hills Red Deer Farm...a very interesting place! And, then we spent the rest of the day at Knobels...

We really enjoyed ourselves.  I hope you'll be able tell through these photos.


 Next...here we are at Knobels.  We're pretty certain this place will become a regular place to visit, for a day, each and every upcoming Summer!

I just loved this photo of the Ferris Wheel and wanted to make it a special photo.

Here a few more of Knobels..
(My sister sent me some GREAT photos from her camera and I'm still working on getting them together.  I'm having issues.  So, I'll show you what I've got for now.  I'll add later as I'm able.)

That's it, for now.

Hope you enjoyed "OUR WEEKEND AWAY!" as much as we did. ;)


  1. Yes, that Ferris Wheel photo is spectacular!! Wow looks like you crammed a lot into one day!! Can't wait to see the rest! :D

  2. loved all so far, keep em coming when ya can... Have a great holiday.... love the deer... so beautiful to watch...

  3. What beautiful scenery! Love the picture of the ferris wheel too.
    Looks like a great weekend away :)

  4. My stepmother grew up right next to Knobles. She used to go there all the time. I was able to visit the last time I was up that way. It is definitely a great place to spend a day.

    The deer look so wonderful. I'd love to be that close to a few deer.



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