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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road Signs, Boundary Lines

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Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely, I have a delightful inheritance.  ~ Psalm 16:5-6

Little boys, especially six year old's - like mine! - think they get cars.  Not meaning in necessarily "the movie" - CARS! (although that, too) as this photo would possibly make you think.  But, for the photo's illustrative purpose of today's post, I choose this particular photo to help share my thoughts today.

As mentioned, my son likes cars.  He loves and uses the word "speed" (as does my daughter) ... as in , "MOM, go faster". (Said a lot while I'm driving!).  And lately, he has taken to all the road signs a long the way (since he now can read!) and in turn that has helped in a lot of recent conversations we have had here of late.

He's a boy!


I've been praying, as a Mom, for helpful ways to get inside his little head and heart and incorporate any and all of this into teaching moments.


Here's what has been going on.  Behavioral issues. Typical and expected, I suppose.  But the analogy has been great.  

"Look son", I'll say.  "See the lines on the edges of the road?  They are there for a reason.  They are called 'boundary lines'.  And, the signs you see a long the side of the road - they help Mommy to know what is ahead. The signs tell me that there is a curve in the road, or 'watch for deer', there is a stop light ahead...etc.  If I were to cross the line over here on the right... I'd get into trouble.  See all of the trees, the ditch, the embankment, the mailboxes?  If I get out of the line or cross over it, it could mean a real problem. I could hit any one of those things and we could very well get hurt.  If I were to cross the line on the other side - that could be a problem too.  There could be cars coming my way and we could easily have a crash!, an accident.  It would be/could be a BIG mess.  And, a lot of pain."

I pause for affect.

At the moment we were driving on a two lane roadway that had the double yellow line and the broken line from time to time and so I pulled that into the conversation.

I said, "You know Caleb?".  Sometimes the rules of the road allow for me to go into the oncoming traffic lane only to pass someone, who is going slow(er) than I, in front of me, BUT only if I absolutely had to.  But, Mommy still has to/should still obey the rules..."  And, I remind him - how even sometimes I fail at this.  It's hard!!  It's hard to stay consistent to "road rules".  It's hard to keep it in between the lines - at all times.

I told him,  "I could just go over into the other lane whenever I wanted to - carelessly - but I would probably (eventually) get caught...". (and that led into a whole other course of topic.)  I had to explain careless... and being "stupid" or goofy.. as I probably termed it.

"It is very important that I stay in my BOUNDARY LINES (even when it seems no one is looking)... that is where it is the safest.  I'll stay out of trouble that way and get me and you to where we're going ...safely".

I think the rubber started to meet the road in his little brain - when I started to say things like, "pretend, you are the car. Okay?   The rules that Mommy and Daddy put into place, for our home, are for your good.  They are like the yellow lines on the road.  They are also boundary lines... because we love you and want to keep you going forward; safe and headed straight."


(Shew!!) This driving course - I mean this parenting thing can sure feel like an all out crash course, sometimes.  Can't it?  But with God's help and his Word - as our road map! - we can get places.  Safely and in one piece, too.

I do daily remind my son of the same thing... It's hard.  And, you can't do it! Not by yourself.  Not without Jesus' help..


  1. Bevy, very well put..and while I was reading this post, things popped up in my head even for me about boundries.. I as an adult sometimes jump before I think and when I look back, or stop in the moment, I get that sinking feeling of UH OH, not good, but I have to say, I have improved over the years...Love this..

  2. Popping by after you left that kind comment on my blog. Thank you! This is a great analogy and I am sure it got through his mind. Kids really need to see things in their brains like this to understand bigger concepts. I need to store that away for oneday with my little boy!

  3. I love this analogy. I kept thinking this would be a good way to share with my Sunday School class. Thanks!

  4. Oh beautiful use of a wonderful teachable moment!! What a great analogy!!!!!!!! Brilliant Bevy!!! I need this...for my kids AND for me!! ;) ♥

  5. That is a great way to put it! I absolutely love that. You have such a way with pictures and words.

  6. Excellent, Bev, Excellent! I'm sure he got this and is stirring that around in his blond head...

  7. Bevy! Amazing, love how you brought his interests in cars to show him how we have boundaries for a reason! Great teaching, MOM!!!!

  8. So great! In fact, the other day I used almost the same analogy with my kids and here you are! They tend to think that adults have no rules, but I was trying to show them that we have incredibly MORE rules to go by.

    I am also trying to teach them that if they cannot be obedient to us, how can they learn obedience to God?

    Our older one is having a harder time with this. :( But I think she is making some good steps.


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