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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Day My Sister Pretty Much Saved My Life.

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Photo courtesy of my Sister Lorene!
On hot days like these last few have been - I think of water.  Naturally.  However, I must be true and say that I do not like to go swimming.  At least, this: Don't make me go under water if I don't have to.  I've had one too many close calls...

Today, I shall tell you about one of them. As, I have once promised, a long time ago...oops! 

A couple of years ago, now, we were at our usual Summer Vacay place - a cabin ~ Dutchman's Paradise ~ that we as a family have gone to pretty much since I was two years of age.  The one small river nearby, similar to this above photo, was pretty full that year.  It made great the idea for going tubing.  There was a small group of us.  Myself, my Uncle Roy (who has since passed on), my sister Lorene, and another cousin or two.  We started out from the one bridge, about 3 miles down the road from our cabin, and our plan was to go on downstream, over to the next road where we would get picked up via a vehicle to come on back to the cabin.  This was probably a two mile tubing trip - I would guess..

Keep in mind,  I was newly married at the time.  My husband had just left, that morning, to get back on the road.  (At the time, he was a Truck Driver). We had just said our Good-byes.  This "day of fun", here at the cabin was just getting started, for everyone...

Our little group.  We were off ... happily aboard our tubes; we set sail.  Lollygagging downstream...it was a beautiful morning, a lovely scenic float all along the way..trees on all sides.  Parts of the river were shaded, water sounds rippling over rocks and the birds singing made it even more peaceful.  I loved it!

This was the day my sister (Lorene) pretty much saved my life.  And, I'm forever grateful.

The group was ahead of me.  I saw the way the river was looking... coming up.  One side was pretty shallow, the other side nice, deep(er) and running pretty good.  It had rounded a bend and the other tubers were soon outta sight.  My turn.

As I was going toward this faster water coming up... I "planned" my maneuvers through there, so I thought.  It looked like a HUGE tree must have uprooted itself over onto the bank and all of it's root system was exposed..I figured I would maybe bump into that, twirl around and keep on floating downstream...naturally, going with the flow.

Except that I hit that root system pretty hard.  I flipped off my tube and could feel nothing below me, around me, above me. I was in a major whirlpool...twirling and swirling... my arm was stretched as far it could go above me.  I came up chocking and sputtering and (I still) absolutely cannot believe it to this day that my glasses stayed on my face. I reached out and found a root to hang onto... and hang on I did!!   While in that churning water - my life was going before me... my newly wedded husband off in a truck somewhere... I was praying... Lord, Jesus!  Help me!  I just knew I was...I WAS GOING TO DIE!!!  I remember telling myself over and over to "not panic" and to keep calm.  To deep breathe.. and to continue praying..

From my sister's point of view at this point   My tube came around the bend, but I wasn't on it.  She leaped into action.  I guess the others had kinda all gotten back over onto that shallow area and stopped to take a break.  Because they, too had just come through that "FAST and FURIOUS" area.. 

All I can remember is hearing my name being called, repeatedly and intensely; telling me to let go and grab the tube!!!   Little did I know that she was in the water herself, at this point - not being able to touch bottom.  Her "screaming" at me - snapped me enough to where I literally had to decide to let go of the root I was hanging onto (for dear life) and grab the tube she was holding out to me.  That right there was probably one of the most important decisions of my life where I HAD TO CHOOSE who or what to trust in, in that moment.

I let go.

I grabbed the tube and she miraculously pulled me out of that torrential whirlpool... My Uncle was now in the wings.  I think I sat there on that stony bank - opposite of the river - for a long while.   The problem was.  We were what? two hours into our float? We HAD TO FINISH.  People were waiting for us - or would be, at least.  And, THERE was NO WAY I could walk anywhere.  This was in the middle of absolute nowhere.  Literally.  I had to face it and keep going.

The rest of the 2 hours, floating downstream, was pretty non-eventful.  Thank God!  And beautiful...I truly was one Grateful Soul.. that my sister had presence of mind in knowing what to do in that moment.  The Lord was with us, for sure that morning.

My nose still burns of water, in the memory...

One of the funny things of that morning is that I can distinctly remember my Mom - jokingly, looking my way, while holding out a yellow rope, and saying something about, "Are you sure you don't want to have this along with you, while your tubing?".  I remember kinda blowing her off - as if to the fact that we would be fine..
Little did I know ... it would be me who needed it.

I guess that isn't very funny.  But we could have used the rope, too!  I suppose.

I just know this one thing, for sure.  You probably won't ever find me out there tubing again.  At least at this point - I don't think so. 

Unless...of two things.  One, my sister must be along and two, we take along a strong yellow rope!  haha..

This incident  and neardeath experience aside... I really did enjoy myself.

::  This photo is not of where this actually took place.

There are so many things I could pull from this.  So many analogies.. but I think if you read in between the lines, you know what they are.

What are your thoughts?? 


  1. Oh My Bevy, I am thankful you are here.. How scary you must have been, I could not imagine especially since I panic if my feet cant touch bottom.. So glad God took care of you and your sister.. Thanks for sharing.. Happy Saturday... :)

  2. Wow...So thankful for God's protection in these moments of uncertainty. Glad you were ok. I love how you put words to your experiences. I do the same, there is something about processing it that is healing.

  3. Crazy! I'm thankful for your sister and for God's protection on you both! Yes....lots to be pulled from that story...faith, trust, love, commitment...listening to your mother! ;)

  4. Thankful the Lord had other plans for your life - plans that included motherhood and blessing others through your ministry.

  5. Hallelujah and praise the Lord for Lorene! What a story, Bev!! So glad for God sparing mercies...


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