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Monday, August 5, 2013

A bit of an Update..

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Good afternoon, my dear friends.  You're probably wondering, thinking ... "an update on Bevy??, please?"... and, I don't blame you.  Sorry about that.  I know, I've been kinda quiet on here, this past week.  And, that's okay... too!

For starters..

Scott and I attended the wedding of Scott's cousin, Ryan - over the weekend.  It was a very quick trip to Southeastern VA, for us... and I won't lie, it was very tiring, for me.  


Beautiful weather.  
Beautiful Bride.
Happy Couple.
Lots of family... catching up!

 A wonderful weekend..all around.

Introducing... the newly-wedded Mr. & Mrs.
Mom & Dad of the Groom..

I absolutely LOVE this photo of Scott and his older brother - Ben!
Sisters! - and Aunts of the groom..
Another Aunt and Uncle, Cousin and family of the groom..
Scott with two of his Uncles..
Handsome Dudes.. :)

I love this photo of Susie Mom and daughter's in-law..
 Scott and I left the wedding reception early - as we had a six hour drive home and kids that were waiting for us.  So, we missed some of the "festivities", there at the end of the reception..
We were just so glad that we decided to go, make the trip despite everything, and that we got to see and visit with most of the family.  Several of Scott' cousins were unable to attend.

Congratulations to Ryan & Kendall, once again.
God bless!

Like I said... I was pretty tired throughout the weekend.. and spent as much time as possible resting (ie; sleeping in the car, or at my bro & sis in-laws, etc.).

I was blessed that our children were with dear friends of ours - keeping them under their wing.  It certainly freed me to enjoy the weekend as best as possible.  However, I missed them terribly.
And, when we got home late last night... it seemed the feelings were mutual.  (sigh!)

Back to normal routine today... of course, and the wash line is flapping full and then some.

And I.
I need a nap, for sure!
Because... on the flip side.  As much as I missed my kids... I'm ready to send them back.  lol!

But for the record.  I am getting better, stronger every day.  I think these antibiotics are certainly doing the trick.  I pray that I will continue to get better (from the Lyme Disease) and am so grateful for friends and family who are continuing to stand by.  Thank you!


  1. Oh.My.Word.!! Scott's family!! They all look just like each other. How funny. You both look wonderful!! Glad you got to go, and that you are feeling better. I've heard horror stories of lyme disease. I hope you make a full recovery.
    By the way, thanks for the e-card. It brought a smile to my face. I think of you often too, just don't always express it so well.
    Take care my friend.

  2. Wow, family resemblance all over the place!! Glad to hear you're doing better, Bev, and made it safely to and from. Please let us know if there is anything more you could use help with...

  3. how wonderful..beautiful bride and handsome groom...
    what fun to spend time with family....glad you are on the mend
    and Lord willing you will be all better soon!

  4. Bev, you should talk to my sister about Reliv. It's a great product and I know it has helped her kids ( with limes) and even her. I'm on it too. Don't have limes but have low iron, and Relive shakes, I can see a slight difference already in my long, running around the city days. =) For what its worth, I thought I would share that. Your blog, always makes me crave coffee and muffins. I wonder why? =)

  5. Wow, what a whirlwind trip! So happy you are all safe and sound back home! The wedding looked beautiful and I bet Scott's family was so happy you both made it!

    I am happy to hear you are getting stronger every day. Lord willing, you will feel much better shortly!

    Love ya

  6. We loved the visit short but sweet.. Loved that the four of us got to spend time Saturday night out together it had been a long time since we have done that.. Hope the kids enjoyed there stuff feel better..UNTIL NEXT TIME Your sister inlaw

    1. Syl... we loved our time with you, as well. You're right! Short and sweet.

      Thank you for your gracious hospitality.. it was wonderful. And for understanding when I needed to rest.

      yes! Until next time... and you need to come here. ;)

      BTW: The kids LOVED their stuff. They thought they died and went to Heaven. Especially, the older two.. lots of fun around here the past couple of days. My house (indoors) looks like a tornado struck. ;)

  7. Bevy,
    We are busy preparing for our new school year, but you are not far from my thoughts. Praying for your continued healing.

  8. Awww Thanks Bev. Ryan and I were so happy you guys could make it down. We are blessed beyond words. It was very nice to see both of you again, and hope next time won't be so long inbetween.

  9. Dear Bevy,

    I'm so happy to know that you and Scott were able to get-away and enjoy such a fine time together.

    Thinking of you daily and praying for strength.

    Take Care~


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