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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Blessed (go from strength to strength)

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Every Morning... every day... I get to wake up and see this framed piece sitting here on our side desk.  This was a gift, to me, from a dear friend of mine - who drew and wrote this out for me.  The Scripture is: Psalm 84:1-4.

Not long ago we had a sermon at church out of this very chapter.  Reading further on through these verses... you read the phrase:  strength to strength.

I got to thinking about this.  Our own strength - as weak as it is - is in someways what we choose to rely on, the most. Isn't it?   We, too often, say or think; "I got this.  I can do this".

I know I do.


The reality is... we need HIS strength FULLY.  Every single moment of every single day.  Here is one way that this verse (or phrase) has affected and been invested into my life.  Walking through this current trial of Lyme Disease... I've been really struggling to accept help from others.  It's either my strength or theirs.  When friends or family have offered their time via bringing meals, childcare or cleaning...oh, it's been so hard.

However, as I chose to accept it I realized, more and more, the blessing both for me and the giver.  We go from strength to strength... because we need to.  It truly is encouraging.  Beneficial.  A form of One-Anothering. 

To dwell in HIS presence...daily...brings blessing.  It is HIS presence that brings true satisfaction.  His presence that sustains...
I wonder if I truly realize how Blessed I am..?  You know? 

I thank God for friends and family willingly being the hands and feet of Jesus!


  1. Today.

    I thank God for these family and friends too! I'm so happy to know you are getting this help. And most importantly that you are accepting it. Yes, never ever easy...

    but it is as you say:

    "a blessing for you and the giver."

    So true!!!

    And more often than not, it's more of a blessing for the giver.

    I have a friend here that is very ill with a bite from a brown recluse. She has been bed stricken for months. I came one day to help with cleaning and brought a meal. I could never express how much of a blessing this was to me.

    So from this I've learned that when someone asks if I need something in any season of my life....I accept and more so in a way of telling them exactly what i need. I don't feel so bad anymore thinking of how blessed they will be to bless me.

    Wonderful thoughts to ponder today...

    1. Thank you! Thank you, too! Amanda, for being such a "giver". You know why I say that. ;)


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