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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Finds :: Free to Good Home!

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Good Day! ~ dear friends.  How is everyone this morning?
I'm feeling pretty good.  Actually.

Excited, too!

I don't know if you've noticed or not.  But lately, my blogging and photos have been a tad sparse.  I'm not saying that is going to change much any, I'm just saying that I've had my reasons.  
I've been enjoying the S.L.O.W.

Remember, not too long ago - when I thought my computer was a goner - due to it getting wet?  Well, I wasn't too far off.
The thing was slowly, truly dying.  It was old anyway.  Keys were missing or completely not functioning.  If it ever got turned off - the Lord only knew if it was coming back up.  And, every time I would try to upload a photo - it would shut down... along with making some VERY strange noises.  So.
I said a lot of prayers over that laptop, and to my amazement the Lord kept it limping a long but working.  However, lately, because of that, I just kept to older photos or used "reruns".
I couldn't stand it.  I would take photos with my camera (which, that is another story!) and wouldn't be able to implement them.  So.  Yes!  It feels like I have a lot to catch up on.

I liked the flexibility of the laptop.  You know?  Sometimes, you would often find me out here, on the front porch...while the kiddo's played in the yard.

The sunflower was given to me by my son!  ;)

But you won't no more.
Now.  I'm stationary.  And, that's okay.

I certainly do not mind "FREE to GOOD HOME!"  

It was one of those things where it was from a friend of a friend of a friend, kind of thing. ;)

With my hubby being the techie-dude in this home... and he willing to set this freebie up for me.  
YOU BET!!  I'll accept.
Turns out this is, was, and will be a better blessing than ever anticipated.  God is good!


Have yourself a wonderful weekend!  Anything "special" going on?
We do.  But I don't want to talk about it.  At least - not until it's over.
The proof in the pudding... know what I mean?


  1. So happy that God worked things out for you and your Computer. I love hanging around and looking at your photos so I hope some of those appear soon! ~Kendall

  2. God is so good. He always meets our needs in His way and time. So glad for your new computer.

  3. I also have a desk top. Sometimes I use our family laptop, too, but I still just like a good ole' desktop! :) Your screen looks identical to mine!:)
    Happy for you! :)

  4. Bevy, so glad you are feeling better... and how wonderful it is for someone to "pay it forward" by giving you a computer... You were missed... Have a great Friday...

  5. this is the best kind of Fridays finds!


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