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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Daybook in September

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FOR TODAY - Happy Monday, to you!
I have to keep  it real, here...just so you know.  This post was written/typed out over late Saturday night, some on Sunday and now, the rest, this morning, all for you!  Thank you, for reading..

Outside my window...  the air smells good.  So crisp.  So clean.  So Fall-like!  There are cumulus clouds formed in the sky.  Rain...later?  May be...
Yes!! rain.  Heavy rain.

I am thinking... lady bugs are so stinkn' cute!  But even cuter still are little girls liking them, taking to them, with shrieks and howls (just kidding); just not being so sure of what to make of them crawling around on Mom's arm.. You gotta love the wrinkled nose.. I just so happened to have my camera on me.  See photo below..

I am thankful...
The other day, I was at the end of my homemade laundry soap.  Time to make some more, I say to myself.  I realized I didn't have all that I needed.  I had run out of the "fels-naptha", the bar soap the recipe calls for...
In the meantime, my neighbor called and just so randomly asked me if I could use up some laundry soap she had leftover.   She had recently gotten herself a new HE washer and apparently can only use a certain kind of laundry detergent in the machine.  So, she was going to throw it away - when she thought of me!  How convenient.  How perfect. What a timely answer to prayer.  My family is thankful,  too.

In the kitchen...
I have coffee brewing, of course.  But, I also made an Oatmeal Cake - the kind with the broiled topping of nuts, coconut brown sugar and butter..  YUM!   It's that time of year when comfort is most necessary and it needs to come out in food selection and preparation.  Agreed?

I am wearing...
a favorite: a blue jean skirt and my favorite three-quarter length sleeved tee-shirt in a bright celery green color.

I am creating... well, a couple of things.  To be honest.  A couple of bags (bagsbybevy) , meaning fabric is cut, sitting there, on my table right now.  I made some doll clothes for my Aubrey - the other day.  I just did it off the cuff.  However,  I should also be working on a few more little girl skirts, pocket pouches and Homespun Baby! shoes.  My etsy stock is a getting low..

I am going... a little crazy right now.  Thinking about just how much sewing there is that I should be doing and how little time there is in getting it all to where I would like it to be.    My goal is one or two things done a week.  Cuz, you know! Christmas is coming..

I am wondering...
Is it true?  I think I hear a mouse in the wall...(as I type).

I am reading... I just finished reading, for a second time, in my life a wonderful old book entitled, Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright.
I recently received my Fall edition of Life: Beautiful.  So, I'm thumbing through that  ever-oh-so-slowly. As well, my next door neighbor and good friend, Amanda, gave me (to borrow) about 5 copies of the Keepers at Home Publication.  These too, come seasonally.  I always enjoy reading these when I have a chance.

I am hoping...
that what I'm hearing isn't true... about that mouse.  But, I think it is.

I am looking forward to...
meeting the babies (identical, very identical, so I hear- twin girls) that were born to my dear friends, last week.  Their oldest daughter is my Jayne's age. So, this mamma is going to have her hands full... for sure. Three sweet little girls (babies) in their home...

I am learning... by the looks of things...that...
Around the house... FALL Cleaning is a must-do!  (yes!  you read that right!)
As well, I'm enjoying the flowers still in bloom - but even those are starting to wane.  You can tell... Fall is on it's way.  My green beans are pretty much over but the grape tomatoes are still hanging on by the handfuls..  (I'll have to do a sole post of this tomato plant sometime.  Too funny!)

I am pondering... just how blessed I am.  I know I say that a lot.  But it's true.  Case in point.  Recently, I can say, I have found it to be amazing that nearly every single time a situation or a conversation or an incident (that needs to be addressed) comes up in child-rearing, particularly with our son, throughout the day... that later that same evening, give or take, while we're sitting down together, reading our bedtime stories and the Bible, that it echoes, pretty much verbatim, what I would have shared earlier in the day with my kids.  I take that as so encouraging!  So God!  and it's HIS kindness, really. Because it isn't just what mommy and daddy say - it is really what God's Word is saying, too!
It almost gives me the shivers... if I think about it.  I mean, it's as if the light-bulb goes off in their little brains. Their hearts are still (maybe) wrestling... but it is sinking in.

We have a great BIG wonderful God... who really loves us!  Amen?

A favorite quote for today... 
"It is often life's smallest pleasures and gentlest joys that make the biggest and most lasting difference." ~ Unknown

One of my favorite things... it gets me every time.  That flower-filled-fisted-hand.  Collected, "just for you, Mom!".  The other favorite thing of mine right now... is to plunk down on the front porch with one of said magazines, a cup of coffee and enjoy the cooler temps of the evening at the end of the day - while the littles are playing or riding their bikes.  Perhaps the neighbor will come over and will sit and visit.

A few plans for the rest of the week/month:  
-a couple of Blessing Meals headed out our front door!
-a visit or two with a friend and her daughter, recently (adopted) brought home from Ch*na.  This is one of my Jayne's little friends.  The girls... they're so cute together.
-standing by my man as he wraps up this last semester, of school, in a couple of days.  (Please pray for him!)
-I might as well start on the Fall Cleaning...
- maybe put up some applesauce!  Not a maybe.  This is a MUST-DO!

A peek into my day...

Following along with Peggy, from The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Thank you for reading a long, today.  And WELCOME to any and all recent and *new* followers here of Treasured Up and Pondered.  It feels like a pretty good bunch, of you.. to which I say - Thank you! and I am humbled.  I hope you're made to feel at home!


  1. Good Monday Morning Bevy, you spoke of being Blessed... so ya know, its a blessing for me to be a reader of this blog of yours.. so many times when frustration hits, or a family member calls to complain, I come here.. It totally changes my mindset.. and for that I am blessed, Blessed to know Carissa, and Kristin which led me to you.. and then Amanda.. and now another Amanda.. cant leave out Johanna too.. such sweet ladies... I recall the post I read first was your visit to meet Amanda in Virgina.. such a joy following along that journey and seeing such beauty in the friendship and hospitality that was shown and shared.. So today, this Monday I am BLessed to call you a friend... Have a great Monday..

    psst... got any good fall recipes that you want to share.. look on my pinterest and find Fall Farmhouse Bread... it looks delish, havent made it yet but will be... :)

    1. Oh Connie. Such a source of joy and encouragement. You are a blessing to me, to all of us in that "little community". Thank you for being such a part, as you are.

      Blessed indeed.

      I appreciate you saying you finding this a place of "solace" - a place that comforts and changes your mindset. That is only a God-thing. Not me.
      And, I had to smile thinking back to my in-real-life visit with Amanda (in VA)... you have been reading since way back then? That is awesome.

      I will most certainly be checking out that recipe you talk of, there on your pinterest. Stay tuned. I'm sure some fall recipes will be coming out of here, as well. It's one of my ABSOLUTE most favorite seasons...
      I'm soaking it up, this year! ;)

  2. I too never tire of that fist full of "flowers." Warms my heart every time. :)

  3. Your post made me smile!How sweet! (your favorite thing). I have Shepherd of the Hills but have yet to read it. I am from Missouri (just north a little of the Ozarks). You would think I would have read it by now! Ha! Enjoyed my visit with you today! See ya 'round!

  4. Well if this isn't just as cozy:)

    And to say the least, it seems that we were both thinking similar things. Christmas gifts, autumn smells, neighbors {wink}, and of course all things home.

    I've enjoyed my welcome little visit here. I can smell the oatmeal cake in the air. Right now the children are putting together a little cake for daddy when he gets home from work. I'm letting them be in charge of it all. Is that a mistake? I worry a little.

    "Mama, just go sit for a while and enjoy your cup of tea."

    ...taking this moment and running like the wind with it!

    Now, back to my knitting needles. when--- I should be finishing my quilt square or preparing for tomorrows lessons, or folding that load of laundry that is dry on the line, or I suppose a million other things. Twenty minutes of knitting won't change much. Will it?


    Dear Connie,

    What a precious blessing you have been to me too. Isn't it something how when we take the time to form these relationships...they bloom! And so yes, I'm thankful today for "this little community" as we allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct it.




  5. its the most precious thing to get a word from the Lord

  6. My first time here and visiting from Peggy's...I wanted to tell you that I SO enjoyed my visit! You have been gifted with words that create beautiful pictures! It is always refreshing to read or meet Christian parents who actually enjoy parenting and realize that their children truly are an heritage from the Lord. We are kindred spirits in the beginning of fall cleaning! At present, I am resting up a bit from last week when we had family visiting, but next week will find me digging in to at least one room.!


Thanks for coming by, today! You're visits always mean so much...

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