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Monday, September 23, 2013

Appealing to the Senses :: Sound

. ... ... .... .. ... .... .. .. .. . .... . .. .. ... ..... .. . .. .

Morning Doves (calling for rain)!

Thunder (off in the distance or nearby)!

Cows Lowing!

The sound of my Husband's voice and deep hearty laugh..

Pages turning...in a book.

Overhearing the kids in their child-play; with their vivid imagination(s).

When I hear an unprompted "Thank-you!" or "Yes, Please" out of one of my children.
The tea kettle singing of happiness.

The sound of crunchy fallen leaves skittering across the grassy field..


All this.. these sounds and more.

Appealing to the Senses!

If you can, take a few minutes, please...listen closely to the lyrics of this song.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Good Morning Bevy, Loved, Loved this song.... just Saturday I read a post on FB that a lady with a blog that I was a follower of, had a major confrontation to another blogger and deleted her for sharing her love for Jesus... I then found out that the lady that was on FB was a Non Believer... I was shocked... but there is so many out there that do not BELIEVE... the only thing I could think of was how sad that made me and how scared I would be to NOT BELIEVE... I am a Believer and I am proud of that.... LOVED THIS.... and lets keep this lady in our prayers...her name is Diana... Have a wonderful MONDAY......


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