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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birthday and More...

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Five years old!  Today!  My Aubrey, dear.. five years old.

Happy Birthday!

And, yesterday was your first official day of Preschool, too!  How did that happen?

Today - we'll be baking cookies and a special birthday cake for you!  I'm sure.  The cookies are for your classmates tomorrow... but what?  What is this you say?  You want a chocolate cake with blue icing? Really?  What happened to all the pink?

Aubrey, let me tell you about yesterday.  Yesterday, when I dropped you off at school, I don't know if you noticed or not... but your little sister, Jayne, she just cried and cried.  She wanted to stay!  And be with you...

You are a wonderful big sister, you know?  Her big sister.  Her only sister.  And trust me, Mommy felt the loss of you, too... on your first big day of Preschool.

Little sis and I could not get out of each other's way.. I held her a lot.  Oh, she tried to have fun... but it wasn't the same without you!

But we know you are going to do absolutely well, in school!  You've been ready a long, long time.  And just think of all the things that you'll get to "teach" sissy when you come home each day.

You are loved!  I hope you know just how much. ;)

Mommy and Daddy want you to know ... You fill our home with much joy!  Thank you for being you!
We love you bunches and bunches... every where from here to there!  and back.

Happy Birthday - sweet girl.

PS:  You know your Daddy's going to spoil you today - being home from work and all. Smile!!  (He took off of work for this special day!  Your special day.)

A Child's Prayer 
~ J. T. Trowbridge

Heavenly Father, hear my prayer!
Keep me always in your care!
Trying always to be good,
And to do the things I should;
Loving them that love me so,
And kind to everyone I know.
Heavenly Father, hear my prayer;
Keep me in Thy loving care.
Guard me through the coming day,
In my work and in my play.
Keep me pure and strong and true,
Help me, Lord, Thy will to do.
      ~ Amen.


  1. Oh My Bevy, this tugged on my heart today, because I remember this with my one and only girl.. I always take Kylie to school every morning and she always kisses me on the cheek and I tell her I love her and have a great day.. and I say Ill be here waiting when you get out.. we have always shared a special bond and I am so thankful..You are a good mama, and it shows.. Happy Birthday Aubrey and enjoy your evening with your family...

  2. Happy Birthday Aubrey!! Have a wonderful day at school and party with your family!! <3<3

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet little one and first day of school!...such a beautiful post, just love
    the poem and your children are gorgeous...beautiful photos!
    have a fun,fun day!

  4. Oh happy happy birthday!!!

    My goodness what a beautiful child, I'm sure inside and out. :-)

  5. Yes, Aubrey, you are LOVED!
    We have never met but I think I know you.
    Beautiful, self assured, fun loving, full of heart and enjoys singing, right?
    Your mommy can't write about you without showing how much she enjoys you and loves you.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy school.

  6. They are all precious Bevy. Such beautiful children.

    Happy Birthday Aubrey!

  7. Happy Birthday Aubrey! You are such a dear girl! Having had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I know what a lovely heart and soul you have.

    I hope you had a wonderful day!

  8. Lovely day for a lovely girl. Happy Birthday!!!


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