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Thursday, September 26, 2013

:: Collected Stories ::

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My son.  He asked me this strange, rather interesting question.  

My six year old wondered what would happen if we tried to plant a flower underneath the sidewalk? It's a question with a kind of obvious answer and one I could have brushed off quickly.

But it's here in these moments of standing alone, together, waiting for the bus that I sometimes have his best - captured attention.

I rerouted the question to an old "collected story", an illustration (at best!). One that may be not so old to you.  You've probably heard this analogy before - yourself.  This thought is not original with me, however- it is one that has been so tucked into the crevice of my heart, so long,  that feels like it's been there forever now, waiting to show it's lovely face...
I want to own it, like it's mine. ;)  Know what I'm saying?

That collection...?  

I have a pocket full, I think.


I answered my son's question quickly by saying, "Son, the cement is WAY too hard..." But... as quickly... I showed him the crack in the sidewalk and asked him if he ever noticed times of grass or flowers growing up in between the hard places?  Sometimes it will happen.. and sometimes, we want things to grow in between rocks and stuff. (Rock Gardening, etc.)  But.  It's in those unexpected HARD places...
 that it seems to be a miracle.

This plant-life can only grow there because it is has experienced the elements of the storm and is now reaching for the sun, etc! 

No matter if these find themselves in tight spots, in hard places... they are looking, reaching for the sunshine. No matter how hard this place may be, IT. IS. PERSEVERING...growing and growing and growing for all it's got.

Just the same for you, my son!  May it be true..

If you ever find yourself in a hard place.  Because, you have and you will.  Keep looking to the SON - Jesus Christ!.  Grow in his grace.. reach, reach, r.e.a.c.h. for HIM!

And then, the bus came..

Walking back toward the house...
I stuck my hand a little further into my pocket.  Checking to be sure they're still there.  Yup!

 ::Collected Stories::

I have a few more tucked away, I think.  I hope.  I pray..

I might need another, sooner or later.. I never know.

Later on ..I began working on a Bible Study Lesson.  (Malachi - a love that never lets go. Lisa Harper)  And, I found myself doing an assignment, as part of the 'homework'.

The author suggested finding a piece of paper or 3x5 card and writing down the verses, Romans 5:1-5, as neatly as possible using your non-dominant hand.  I'm right-handed, so I used my left hand to complete this project.  After doing this... it was suggested to put these verses in a prominent place, so that they might be seen regularly and when noticed, learn to appreciate and give thanks to God for those things that take a relatively long time to create.. and yet still don't come out perfectly.

I was in tears... as I wrote out the verse (4) and word :: Perseverance!

Any guesses why?

As I thought what I had just shared earlier with my son.  I could see the similarity. Here I was struggling to make my left hand write out - painstakingly - nonetheless, these verses. Putting myself in my kids shoes, I could relate this to the practice of learning to write, in the first place. A HARD PLACE.  How to hold the pencil just right.  Keeping it in between the lines.  I was imagining myself standing over myself; nagging? me on how to do it - "just right!".  Oh that pressure.  I begged me to "shut up".

I was shaking. My arm hurt.  This was HARD.  But the words of Truth and HOPE were sinking in... as I S.L.O.W.L.Y and painstakingly hung in there and finished the task.

I persevered.  Suffering produces perseverance.  Perseverance, character, and character - HOPE.

In celebration, I decided to add verse 6, to my list.  I felt it just summed up the whole thing.  Here it is..

"You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for {me}the ungodly."

I honestly think the interesting question and the conversation that ensued, that morning, with my son and I was really for me.

At the end of the day, no matter HOW HARD it's been.  I am reminded that Christ has finished the work.  He died on that cross.  He rose again.on the third day.   Because of that, he has given me the power to (now) grow in HIM..  growing upward, in HIM.  REACHING for HIM.


  1. I can hear you "telling" me this in your polite, soft and kind tone. You are a sweet lady and it's such a pleasure to know you. Thanks for sharing your lesson(s) that I need! Anticipating those hard places in order to grow, stretch & reach for the SON.

  2. My, I just really needed this! Thank you for sharing
    a piece of your 'collection' with us, the Lord knows
    there are those of us who needed to hear this story today!
    Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. I knew in my heart the answer was gonna be "good" But this is beyond 'good" It is "GREAT"... and this was worth the wait.... Just yesterday, it was a tough day, and this made me think of just this REACH for the SONSHINE.... Bevy, I loved this... thanks for the lesson today... something I will remember on those Hard Days..... Have a beautiful day... hugs dear girl...

  4. AMEN! To everything you wrote here!!!!!

    1. I second that Johanna, hope you are having a great day today...

    2. I hope you are too, Connie! :)

      Hey, Connie, did you ever think of writing your own blog? It would be lovely to read about your life and see photos of you and enjoy your recipes and your thoughts! We could all get to know you better! :)

      We can help you start one if you like! It's pretty easy once you get the basics down!

    3. Johanna, Thank you... I actually tried that once, big fail...mainly because I dont have the patience with the computer... Im fine as long as its only email, commenting... so who knows maybe I will branch out and try it again.. I will let ya know if I do... Anything you would like to know about me, just ask... I have a FB with some photos too... and about my life now thats a book in itself... lol...

  5. You know what. I'm going to try doing this Bevy. I'm touched by your message today and have learned so much.

    Bless you friend!


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