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Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Finds :: another collection, of sorts

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Yes!  In keeping with the theme of collections and collecting things... over this week. (totally unintentional, I assure you. ) I have been thumbing through this lovely and borrowed Charlotte Mason Companion book... which, in turn, gave me the excitable idea/notion to take the kiddo's out for an enjoyable afternoon hike around one of our little local parks.  It was such a beautiful afternoon.  We needed to take advantage of it, for sure.  Smile!

We paid close attention to things we saw, heard and felt.  Yes!  there was mud involved.. ;)

Oh, the green, green pond!
Trying to make a ripple in that green, green pond!
Squabbling over something they had found!  ;)
Just keeping it real, here.
Beautiful sunlight filtering through the foliage.
Anyone know what this is?  I'm asking..  because I keep thinking Nettles.
Gingerly making our way across a little stream of water.. and one or two of us (ahem!)
actually got a little wet and muddy feet to show for.  All is well...

Caleb took this picture.. and I like it just as it is. ;)
My favorite photo - right now! of my three favorite people.

Friday's Finds.  We didn't find much... on this Nature Hike, of sorts...
Just a bunch of collective smiles and comments coming from the back of the van - on the ride home!

"That was fun, Mommy.  Can we do it again tomorrow?" - quipped Caleb.
"That was sooo much fun!" - laughed Aubrey.
"Fun" - was the little echo from in between.


Have a wonder full weekend. ;)  Got that?


  1. the love between these three shine thru... looks like a memorable day for sure...

  2. Love this! Beautiful memories caught in photographs!

  3. I love this too! What a wonderful day for a nature walk. These are the things they will remember.

  4. Inspiring! I don't know why, but I never thought about taking my little's to a park like that. I may have to squeeze it in before it get's too cold - they would LOVE it!! :)

  5. exciting.

    Oh you know how I adore these things:)

  6. Bevy,
    The plant in question is one of the throughworts, probably White Snakeroot. You could Google that name or Ageratina altissima. White Snakeroot is toxic. See Wikipedia to read about about the tragedy resulting from milk cows eating this plant.
    I noticed a long, twisting leaf mine in the upper left of your photo. That leaf mine was most likely made by a fly larva. The maggot must not mind the toxicity of the plant. If you visit the locality again, pick the leaf then hold it up to the light. If the larva is still in residence, your kids would enjoy watching it feed on the (poisonous) leaf. Another little project you could do... is place the leaf in a ziplock bag and perhaps rear the adult fly.


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