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Friday, September 13, 2013

"Have Faith in God".. the verse says.

.. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. ... . .. ... .. .. ... .. ... .. .. .. .

Embrace this God-life.
Really embrace it, and nothing will
be too much for you...
That's why I urge you to pray
for absolutely everything, 
ranging from small to large.
Include everything as you embrace 
this God-life, and you'll
get God's everything.
~ Mark 11:22-24 (Message)


Look around... find yourself having that wonderful weekend you hoped for!


  1. Bevy, Loved this... Not sure if you are getting a taste of fall this weekend, but we sure are in KY.. low in the mid forties tonight, with a high of 70 tomorrow...Leaves are falling and changing colors.. Hope your weekend is wonderful...

    1. I'm not sure our weather forecast for these parts... but I'll certainly take yours!

      It {fall} is definitely my time of year.

  2. I am a new follower. I love how refreshed I feel when I leave here! Wishing you a great weekend also. :)

    1. Welcome Wendi.. I sent you an email. Glad to have you come by and decide to hang around for awhile. I like that!

  3. I love this beautiful blog! I am a new follower too.


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