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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some of the best... collections!

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Flower season.  It's slowly coming to an end..
The nights are getting cooler colder and things are slowly sighing to the delight of summer past.
I sigh too.

Last evening, the girls and I were going through the flower beds and ridding some of the obvious "dead" away.  I was gathering up a few Zinnia heads - full of seed.  (I want to try this! Collecting seed for next year.)  Only for me to realize - when we got back onto the front porch that my baby daughter (she's two yrs old) had filled both her pockets..
with Zinnia heads.  Ones young and beautiful, vibrant, with life hanging on..
The best!

A pocket full of posies..  
These, are they.

:: Collections?  oh yes.

This morning, while waiting for the bus, my son asked me an interesting question.  These are some of the times when I have his full attention and I can pull out ... some of the best, in my response.  I pray..

I reached into my pocket to pull out one of those "collected stories"...

Because, he asked...

He asked me what it would be like, what would happen if we tried to plant a flower underneath the sidewalk?

To be continued...


  1. Don't you just love the mind of a child? I do... Can't wait to see the answer... and what beautiful collections you have.... :)

  2. I enjoy you flowers. Very nice and colorful. Yes here in Holland it is also colder. My lavender has finished blooming but the white roses bloom still. And it looks like they smell much better than in the summer :-)

    My son collects the seeds of our red sunflower. Do you also have sunflowers in your garden.


    1. We have a couple of "dwarf" sunflowers around the other side of the house (posted the other week about them) - they are my son's favorite! ;) We'll have to collect their seed as well.

      I just finished baking a batch of chewy granola bars and the recipe called for sunflower seeds. I thought about checking if there were any available to throw in... but I don't know much about harvesting sunflower seeds.

      Anyone, suggestions??

      Thanks for coming by Jedidja. All the way from Holland, too. ;)

  3. I just love your flowers! How beautiful! You never
    know what is going on in the minds of the little ones......
    always full of interesting questions, can't wait to hear the answer!

    1. I always enjoy hearing from you, Corinne. Thanks for coming by..

  4. Oh my.

    Your zinnias are a pure delight and make an attractive hedge to the white and green on your farm house.

    Collecting and harvesting those seed is a clever idea. Wait until all those pretty blooms have died down. Right after your first frost. Then, pull every single bit of browned over flower head off the stem. Lay them flat on a large baking sheet or card board box or anything that can let them all dry out. I get those card board boxes at the grocery store that canned food comes in. They are shallow and make a perfect seed collector. Once the flowers are all dried up. Usually through the winter or maybe even sooner, take out all the seed. Not the petals, just the seed in the middle. And for fun, mix them up. Make some creative little seed envelopes and put a handful of your seed in each one. Label them with directions on when to plant {in spring}. They make a wonderful gift.

    Do your sunflowers the same way. :-)

    Looking forward to the rest of your story.

    Happy Harvesting!

    1. Bevy, I'm glad Amanda wrote a how to harvest for the zinnias. it reminded me that you had ask me to, I'm so sorry that I didn't get back to that comment, but I am glad that Amanda did here. :-)

      Very pretty zinnias!!!!

  5. So adorable about Jayne! I can just picture her gathering the zinnias and placing them for safe keeping in her pockets. So.wonderfully.sweet.

    I am absolutely enjoying these cool nights too. I am not a summer girl at all, Spring and Fall for me, so this cooler weather and low humidity are perfect.

    I, too, can't wait to hear your answer!


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