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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Labor Day Weekend Stunt - we pulled.

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How was your Labor Day weekend?  I wonder...

Ours truly was of the labor-of-love sort of kind.  I mentioned, last Friday, that I didn't want to talk about it  unless it really came through and because it did! And, I live, we live, to tell about it.  I shall.

It's not pretty.  It wasn't pretty.  I mean, it's better now.  But in the middle of it - wowzers!  And these pictures truly do not show it justice.

There is a bed in this photo...you just can't see it.  Hint: The red and blue bins, in the second photo, are sitting on it.


A long time ago... back in the spring!... we began a HUGE spring cleaning of the whole house..(I blogged about it back then).  Solely... because of this one room. This room was our motivation, for that.  This room was what prompted it all to happen in the first place.

We dub this room the "S" room.

  • Spare Bedroom
  • Sewing Room
  • Study/Office
  • Storage Room

You can imagine - because we keep the door closed on it so much - that what is behind closed doors ... grows!!!!!!! I'm serious.   I know... it is my fault.  Scott says it's his.  So, together we worked on it.  BIG TIME!

You should have seen our trash bin... As a matter of fact.  Here you go!

Sorting stuff,  throwing stuff, donating stuff, fixing stuff..and, cleaning.  Why and where do we get so much stuff??  And, why on earth is it so hard to keep it organized?  The truth is.  That *after photo* really doesn't look a whole lot better - yet!!  But it's progress not perfection.  That was our mantra from when we did the spring cleaning -  remember?? ;)

I laughed.  I recalled a line from an old movie (totally paraphrasing here) and used it on my husband. :)

"Lordy, land sakes alive!  There is so much dust in here I could scrape 
it all together and make me a new man!"

It was bad.  Scott just chuckled.

The problem is.  This isn't the first time that the room as come to this, since we've lived in this house.

Finger's crossed!  You know what I'm going to say..

**All that is left to do is to pull the quilt off the line; one of the many that I found in the "cleaning out"; and that needed to be put through the washer... fluff those pillows just so... and we have access to our guest bed/room once more!!

Scott suggests that - the first person we have (dare!) stay in at our place, in this room - gets a FREE Bag, by Bevy!!
I second that motion.  IF (big word, there!), if I can find time to pull off that stunt. :) (smile!)

Moving on!

On other weekend catch-up news... I went ahead and made these with some ready-to-use peaches,
I had on hand.  Along with three other peach pies.  I was grateful to be able to share that and those with family over the weekend.

Oh, and I made three batches of Garden Tea Concentrate - that I put into the freezer!!  This is some of the yummiest stuff to have on hand...
This is probably the last of the tea, for the summer, before it gets mowed off!

I also got my hands on some beets that I'm canning up, today!  I hope my counter looks like this in the morning. ;)  Although, I don't think it will be this many.

We shall see!!


  1. Bevy. looks like you had a busy Labor day... but I bet the reward wasnt only in the weeding out, but in the wonderful peach pies... Sure sounds yummy...
    Have a wonderful day...

  2. Yum!
    That peach recipe looks divine!
    I love canning and seeing what others put up.
    Such fun stuff here today.

  3. Labor of Love from the room to canning.
    I'm tired just looking at the pictures.

    I sure do appreciate looking at canned goods. There is something so warm and homey about it.

  4. Don't we all have those rooms? I know I do. (Nobody look in the back bedroom please.) I am SLOWLY getting my house under control. Seeing your pictures gives me encouragement that it can be done! And pies, tea and beets on top of it. You are a busy lady.

  5. Wow! Way to go on all your cleaning! And I just pinned your Garden Tea Concentrate. YUM!

  6. yes!

    a most wonderful way to spend labor day:)

  7. Looking forward to the final reveal . . .

  8. It always feels so good to purge and let go, in anything!
    I know this must feel good for you, I'm happy for you. :-)
    Love all of the putting away too!!!

  9. We have always had a room like that in every house we've lived! It makes me crazy! I think part of the problem is needing one room to fulfill so many needs! We're in the midst of moving some things around so hopefully our office/misc.room will be more functional and look nice soon. At least for a little while!


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