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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Daybook in October

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Outside my window...beautiful pink skies, early this morning!  A windy, cooler nip in the air but the sunshine is warm.

I am thinking... I HAVE TO FIND a winter coat for my baby girl.  Her season and size didn't match to her older sister... therefore, I am left wanting for some "clothes" for her.

I am thankful...that overall she, Jayne, has plenty of clothes..as do all of my children.  However, there is that random item or article of clothing here or there that is still in the "need" category.

In the kitchen...breakfast in dribble and drabs.  Not everyone is feeling so hot this morning.

I am wearing...socks!  I almost can't believe it myself.  I don't usually "enjoy" socks..

I am creating...you know what I'm going to say.  More and more and more for the etsy shop.  Orders keep coming in.. ;)

I am going...well, we just did!  My husband and I just signed on with Melaleuca.  Have you ever heard of it?  I'm excited about it.. I've tried some of their products, already, and such and I think it's going to be a good thing in our home.

I am wondering...what for bug is running through our place?  (as of during last night) The kids are all either running temps, or blowing green noses or "tossing their cookies".  NOT FUN!!!!!!!!!!

I am reading...The Little Pilgrim's Progress, by Helen Taylor  to my children, at bedtime.  One or two chapters at a time.  They weren't so sure about it - at first.  But... now, lately... are beginning to engage me; ask questions and you can tell they are "just on the edge of their seat" begging, longing, to know what comes next.

I am hoping... that this book, The Little Pilgrim's Progress, will really impress them.  I so appreciate it's allegory.  I love it, that it is written for them to understand and grasp - even at such young ages.

I am looking forward to...attending the last session of our Ladies Bible Study tomorrow morning, the one on Malachi (with Lisa Harper).  LORD WILLING!  That is, if my kids are well..

I am learning...
 "God loves you unconditionally, as you are and not as you should be, because nobody is as they should be." ~ Brennan Manning, All is Grace
When I first read that... I realized I certainly didn't know how to accept that or how have it settled in my heart...
I did, however, think about it this way.  I shouldn't have to try to clean myself up before taking a bath.  I mean, we can but why bother?  It just wouldn't make sense. That is the whole purpose of taking a bath. And, so it is with God and his unconditional love. For me!  Why do we/I try to make something more out of his love than what it already is.  As low as we go in our sin and in ourselves... HE HAS GONE DEEPER STILL... to the very depths... even until death itself...to show he loves us.  To the very core.  No conditions attached.

Around the house... laundry and more laundry! Of course! As well as, a sick but sleeping boy on the couch... and little girls with sniffles, hanging on to slight fevers.

I am pondering... This past Saturday was my husband's 40th birthday.  I'm going to brag on him a bit, here, if you don't mind.  I think more than ever... this 40th birthday has become a marked line in the sand of how his life has changed.. for the good and it's all of God's grace!  It's beautiful.  It really is.  I can't wait for the future 40.. (smile!)
I asked him the other night what it would look like to read a letter written to his 25 or even 30 year old self. I think he's pondering this, now, too!

A favorite quote for today... "In the trenches", "in a rut" - you can get out of those.  One day you most likely will. ~ yours truly.

One of my favorite things... hosting my (online) Mugs & Muffins... and having GIVEAWAY's!  Be sure to enter... HERE.  You still have time!!  It's open till Thursday the 31st, closing at 10:00 pm, EST.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Not much left for the month of October... just these next few days, here in the week to finish out the month.

A peek into my day...
a view of our neighbors fence row, every day we drive by..
it makes me smile  - for sure.

Following Peggy, from The Simple Woman's Daybook!


  1. Popping in here real quick between math questions this morning! We are dealing with illness here, too. UGH! I am so happy for you and all your Etsy orders. You are a fabulous artist, by friend. Also love the quote by Brennan Manning- It is something I have learned to grasp more of over the past couple of years.

    Get well my friend... I'm praying for your family.

    1. thank you, my friend. and oh boy! - I'll be praying for you, and yours, today as well.

  2. So your a NO Sock kinda girl too... :)
    I will be praying for your children and household that the "bug" goes away...
    I can envision your children listening to you reading this story... Enjoy each moment as this, time flies by too fast...
    Have a wonderful Tuesday... and remember to take care of yourself...

    1. Thank you, Connie.. I will try (to take care of myself)... today, it feels like it's my turn for down and out.

  3. Good Morning Bevy, I am brand new to your blog . . . I was out surfing the web and here I am.
    I think it was just meant to be. I've enjoyed my visit and the wonderful read, from your widow view
    to your thankful heart. I am your newest follower and sister blogger.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)
    P.S. I've got to try your breakfast apple cake . . . Yum :)

    1. Hey Connie! nice to meet you. Thanks for popping in and letting me know - with your sweet comment. I trust you'll be blessed and encouraged - as you read, from time to time.

      You try that apple cake... you won't be sorry! ;)

  4. Just ADORE Brennan Manning. He played a huge, pivotal role in my walk with Jesus as he spoke for a full week, every night, at the church I attended during college. The Lord has used him in a mighty way through his writings and life.
    LOVE you!

    1. Love you, too Mitzi. I can just hear you exclaiming this "comment" to me, in person. I miss you much. How is your family doing?

  5. I love it that you are reading The Little Pilgrims Progress to your littles. That would make ME excited to be around at bedtime to hear what comes next! And I'm glad that you are busy getting items made up for your ETSY shop. That's exciting!

    1. Dianna.. I laugh because it feels like it's only two seams at a time until I get interrupted once more. :) The orders will get done when they get done.

      Yes! the book has been a fun find/read for our family.

  6. I like this format of posting. Gives me more of a visual and feel closer to you.
    My grandchildren has what your children have... not fun. You try and get some rest.

    Still time to be a winner??? Great!

    1. awhh... I'm sorry to hear that anyone else has this.. yucky stuff. I'll be thinking of you and yours..

      love to you, this day.

  7. Socks make me more happy because this house is much colder so I welcome them:-) Your read-aloud selection is a good one. And I'm happy to know your etsy orders are steady! You have a special gift with creating special things like this with your hands. Does Aubrey like to sew?

    I pray that your household is well from the illness by now and that you are all enjoying this fall weather.

    Yes, there would be no good reason for cleaning ourselves up before taking a bath. But...once we've had the bath, shouldn't we try to stay clean?

    I sure don't take much comfort in living this Christian life thinking I have to take a bath every day.

    God saved us by His grace yes. But their are conditions to live the Christian life! And we begin...with the ten commandments.

    And thank goodness because the bible is the perfect road map to living a Godly life.

    Enjoyed your thoughts on this day-book today:-)


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