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Thursday, October 31, 2013

But, thank God! {quote by, Andrew Murray}

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Parents!  The work entrusted to us is holier than we know.  The precious instrument, so delicate, so wonderfully made, so marred by sin already, and so exposed to its power, is of such inconceivable worth.  To take charge of an immortal soul, to train a will for God and eternity, surely we ought to shrink from it.
But we cannot.
If we are parents, the duty is laid upon us.  But, thank God!  Sufficient grace is prepared and promised, too!
If we do but give up our home and our life to God for Him to come in and rule, He will Himself take possession, and by the gentle influence of His Holy Spirit bow their will to Himself.
                             ~Rev. Andrew Murray, 1887, The Children For Christ

My brother, Joel, takes awesome photos with his phone.  He let me "borrow" this one - as I haven't been outdoors in awhile.  We are all still so sick (flu??) here - in our home.  Please pray for us, if you think of it.


*** PS:  The Mugs & Muffins GIVEAWAY ends, tonight!  You still have time to enter...until 10:00 PM, EST.
Update:  Both Caleb and Aubrey were to the doctors yesterday.  Caleb has Strep.  Aubrey just has a bad virus.. the rest of us just need to hang in there and see what happens next.


  1. Loved this post, but so sad that your household is full of sickness... Prayers your way for quick healing and renewed strength... Hope you all get well soon....

  2. Andrew Murray...he was one of the first writers I was exposed to after I met Jesus. Love his writing because many times I have the need to look the meanings of words, and reread a sentence a couple of times. It made (makes) me stretch and grow!

  3. I just prayed for your family. Strep is no fun and it can reoccur and linger this time of year. Buy a bunch of toothbrushes and keep changing Caleb's. When we couldn't shake strep, it was because germs that kept sneaking back via the toothbrush. Our doctor suggested changing every day for two weeks. A month long case of reoccurring strep disappeared almost overnight.


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