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Monday, October 14, 2013

Did you know that..?

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 October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month

By the photo(s), you know where I'm headed with this... (smile!) and tell me, how much do you love that red October sky??

Our son, Caleb - just joined Scouts.  He was so "shocked" and excited (as you can see!) when we bought him his uniform and that I, Mom, had sewn on all his badges..

He would be super excited to pass on the information to you if you would be so inclined to get in on the popcorn fund-raiser that is currently going on this month.  Hope you don't mind..

If you're interested in supporting Scouting (specifically Caleb's) you can click HERE
(on a side note, there have been some that cannot or do not eat popcorn and have enjoyed sending the popcorn to our troops, yes our military troops, through the site)

Message me if questions or what not, and I will ask 'the scout'. BTW he says "your not buying popcorn, your investing in scouting", and he adds... THANK YOU!!

Last date order can be placed is 10/25/2013

In other news..

It is a busy Monday around here, today.  We had an absolute lovely weekend, this past weekend... which, I cannot wait to tell you more about.  I'm waiting for photos from two of my friends - because (ahem!) someone didn't have their camera along, for the ride. :(

Back to this busy Monday.
Caleb had off of school today - but Aubrey did not.  So - there will be a couple of quick Doctor appointments this morning (while she is there) and by the end of the day I'll have had
a total of seven kids running around...plus a few neighbors. :)
I wanted to bless a friend today by watching her four children - giving her a day to herself.  I hope she gets to "play"...doing something special "just for her".  As a busy mom - she needs a day off once in awhile.  Like today!

Laundry is flying on the line...
and more grape tomatoes have been picked.

Today is and will be a good day!!

Maybe we'll end it with a big bowl of buttery popcorn, the girls and I, as Dad and Caleb are off to a scout meeting... sound like a great idea?


  1. Your Caleb makes such a handsome scout! I will check out the popcorn site. I LOVE popcorn...it is my favorite treat. Sending it to our troops is a wonderful idea though. :-)

    1. Thank you! we think he makes a handsome scout, as well. I hope he can really "learn" some neat things while he is involved. I know his daddy did as a kid. :)

      Let us know - if you order something, Dianna. We would love to extend our thanks, to you!!

  2. Ordered popcorn Friday and received it Sat.. hope it helps. Ate some on our date time :-) Sat. and the rest is for Chantel.. Thanks for the request..

    1. Wow! That was fast..
      Caleb just finished writing out a "thank you" card.. it will be in the mail later today!

  3. Love your photo collage! Caleb looks so grown up!

  4. Bevy, Happy Monday... Caleb looks overjoyed... and I love the photo of Scott and the kids... all smiles... I will be checking out the popcorn site and let you know if I am able to order... Also what a sweet thing to do for your friend... I loved that idea... have a great day....

    1. Thank you, Connie!! on all accounts..
      I had a really good day. Tired as everything - at the end... but good!!


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