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Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Finds :: Our Tomato Story

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I mentioned, back in September, that I should tell you about this one lone tomato plant we have.
Here we go.
Back in the spring, I discovered this teeny, tiny volunteer tomato plant in my one flower bed.

Bummer, I thought I had a photo of it... but you do know what young tomato plants look like, I suppose. ;)

Anyway.  I knew I didn't want it to stay there - so I moved it out.

I decided to move it out a little further into the yard, into an old "rotted" tree stump that was level to the ground.  It obviously LOVED that mulch-like soil... because, it took off like crazy.  When I first planted it - the plant looked quite lost in this "hole" of dirt.  You only knew it was there because of the cage.

These were our first three beauties..

By and by, more tomatoes came along...

and then, more and more and more.

Soon, we were giving them away to folks all over the place.
I can't tell you how many pints of grape tomatoes we have gathered and have given away.
As well, I'm so grateful that my children will eat them - like candy!

If I would have only known or thought about it a bit more... I would have staked this grape tomato plant up a little taller and a lot more sturdier.  We now have "runner" vines -  running all over the place.  And, as you can tell, I need to get out there and pick a few more!  Obviously..
Obviously, I'm actually looking for recipes with how else to use up these things.
You're favorite thing to do with grape tomatoes is.... ??
Help me out.  Please?

And soon twill be the end of our Tomato Story...unless frost gets to it first.

I wonder what will happen next season?

How is that for a Friday Finds?

Enjoy your weekend!!
It might be a rainy one - around here.


  1. Isn't it something how a volunteer plant like that can take off and grow like crazy. I'm amazed at how many tomatoes it has produced for you (and your neighbors). Have you used any to make some amazing fresh salsa? Just tomatoes diced, as much onion as you want and cilantro. SO easy..SO delicious!

    1. Sounds yummy.. I'll have to get my hands on cilantro (not a fav! but will use it occasionally.)..

    2. Bevy, you can use as much or little of the cilantro as you like. That is what I enjoy about it...you can determine which flavor you enjoy the most! ;-)

  2. WOW! That's some growth!! Crazy!!! My tomatoes are still going too - I even have beans - and I believe we have had a couple of frosts now - I need to get out and rip up my garden - maybe this weekend. I have no recipe for you...oh other then chopping them in half, adding in cucumber chunks, feta cheese and a bit of balsamic vinegar to make a 'summer' salad - oh and you can add couscous to that as well....but that's all I ever do with grape tomatoes. Enjoy!

    1. yes! I have done this.. but not with couscous.

      I thought maybe I'd do a tart of some sort but now I can't find the recipe I wanted to try..

  3. I use my left over tomatoes in "What You Have Pie." Mix 3 eggs, 1 cup of milk and 3/4 to 1 cup of Bisquick (or other similar mix). Add whatever you have to the mix. I've used mushrooms, grape tomatoes, broccoli, diced ham, onions, whatever I have left over in the fridge. It's best if you use more than one ingredient. When I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that left over in the fridge, I just put it together in this pie. Bake at 375 degrees for 35-40 minutes. I usually mix everything together in my pyrex pie dish and just put it in the oven. It's sort of like a quiche and so good.

  4. I love tomatoes... Tomato Dumplins... Yummy... you have to be a tomato lover though... slice tomatoes in half, put in pot with a little bit of water, cook until soft and juicy, add a bit more water if needed or tomato juice, a tsp sugar, 2 or 3 tbsp butter or lard, let come to a rapid boil... ( I have used tomato sauce too) salt pepper (you can add basil, garlic, italian seasoning) once tomatoes and sauce is boiling good, mix up dumplings like drop biscuits are made... let cook enough until outside of dumplings look pink, reduce heat and let simmer until center of dumplings are done... Stir frequently to keep from sticking or burning.... due to the sugar... we usually have this with Steak on occasion... Yummy...

  5. I guess you'll be planting tomatoes there next year, huh? This made me smile. :)


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