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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Finds :: Out the back door..

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Taking the time to read a book to any and all who'll listen...

What a fun find upon peaking out the back door.
I love that I captured this moment...with the little
sisters and neighbors.

In the meantime..
I found a few moments, yesterday afternoon, to put together a pair of (girl) Homespun Baby! shoes for Caleb's schoolteacher...as a gift.  Her last day is today - as she is planning on taking Maternity Leave for the rest of the year!  Her baby girl is due to arrive in a week or two..
 A new teacher will be replacing her...not new to the school but new to teaching.  I'm just a little nervous..
But I sure do appreciate all that Caleb's teacher has done to get him off to a great start.

Please join us in prayer for any and all new adjustments, to be made - all around.

That is it for my Friday's Finds - today!

Thank you for stopping by.  I greatly appreciate you as my reader(s).

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!


  1. I wish I were having another baby just so I could get some of those tiny little and darling slippers. You have such a sweet talent, Bevy.
    Praying you are off to a beautiful weekend with your family.
    Happy weekend filled with Autumn and love.

    1. lol! You never know...
      I just found out a cousin of mine who's in her early forties;a mother to 5 or 6 (I can't remember) is pregnant, due in April...surprise, surprise... she was REALLY surprised because she is also anticipating becoming a first-time Grandma in January. Her oldest daughter is married. My cousin's youngest is 5. She just gave everything away...
      Seriously - Kristin - anytime you need a gift, or something, you let me know!! I would love to make you a pair.

  2. What a special moment to see... The sweetness of children, there is nothing like it... I love how you captured the photo... and the shoes... simply adorable... I have a friend like that too Bevy, she is in her mid 40.s and has 6 special needs children (thru adoption) ages 23-11 then she has 3 biological children ages 2 -8 and is expecting in Jan... its a girl... so this will make her 10 total... Anyway, the love of family is what it all about.... Have a wonderful weekend...

  3. Ooh... beautiful. The lovely kids doing lovely things through the lovely screen door and your LOVELY baby shoes! Yes, she is obviously one well thought of teacher and I'm sure she knows it. Joining you in prayer for her and for the transition to a new teacher.

    Blessings, Debbie


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