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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In the Morning, when I rise... (give me Jesus)

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When we stop the mad rush,
when we say no to some of our many responsibilities 
and take the time to come quietly into God's presence, then,
in that simple, quiet moment
He will breathe His peace into our hearts.
 ~ Ellyn Sanna

Sipping coffee... and pondering this, this morning.
Praying through.  And, seeking to apply..


  1. Beautiful photo today! One of my favorite things this time of the year is the fog and then how the sun comes out to chase it away. The quote is a lot to ponder, yes? I enjoyed stopping by this morning.

  2. Love the quote! I will be pondering it also. It seems that life had taken on a life of it's own and we are in a season of busy. I don't do well with super busy. Sometimes saying no and letting things go is hard. Hmmm.... many things to consider and pray about. Thank you for sharing that quote.

  3. Good Morning Bevy, I love coming here to always have something to ponder on.... and oh what a good one to think about today... I love the fog hanging in the meadows, or the mountains.. It makes you realize how easy life comes and goes... Cherish today and always strive to make a difference... Even if its only a smile... Have a wonderful Wednesday... the sun is shining brightly here in Ky today...

  4. I have a sign in my kitchen that I bought in Lancaster County that says "Keep it Simple". I thought of that when I read the quote you posted. We get so busy running around and forget to keep it simple. It doesn't take a lot to make my husband smile. And that smile is worth everything to me. When I get too busy to read my Bible and pray in the morning, or spend time with my husband, I know I'm too busy. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be pondering these words too.

  5. Love this! A beautiful quote, a beautiful morning, and coffee...who could want for more.
    Happy Wednesday, Bevy.

  6. Now I have ANOTHER photo to put on my background! :)

    Such a lovely quote and so true.


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