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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's always up to you..

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Between the house and the store there are little pockets of happiness.  A bird, a garden...a child's smile... 
Recognize them or ignore them.  It's always up to you.  ~ Pam Brown

At a loss as to what photos to include today... these were in draft... so I thought to use them up.  Taken at the end of the summer..

So, it's up to you.  Do you take the time to SLOW and notice all the little, but important and special, things along the way?  I realize, I do this too...somewhat.
I get it honestly, I suppose.  My Mother taught me to notice.  To this day she still does.  We might be driving along somewhere together, talking, and she annoyingly distractedly interrupts the conversation to point something out.

I'm glad she does.  It is certainly a Gift!  to take in, and notice, all that the GIVER bestows to us..  I find myself doing the very same thing (now) with my own children.  Here are just a few of our collection; out of our pockets of happiness...

Little birds huddled side by side on the wires above..  
The V-shape in the skies as the "trumpets of the air" fly on..
Crunchy red leaves skittering down across the path - while taking a stroll..
The friendly wave of a dog's tail..
The smell in the air..is different!

even this

When we replace the dew drops for clothespins - as we hang out the clothes..

SLOW-ing to see what otherwise might get ignored.

We're filling our pockets - full!!  Do you want to join us?  It's (always) up to you..


  1. Good to watch different things outside when we travel. Interacting with the people while traveling will be interesting and will not feel so tired in travel.

  2. I'm a person who notices things too. This began when I was in my 20s and babysitting little ones. The world was new, fresh and wonderful in their eyes and they inspired me to look at everything differently. Now I'm doing this for my husband who without me would notice nothing! ;) You are a good mom to start your children noticing things while they are still little.


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