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Monday, October 28, 2013

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Good Morning, my dear Friends!

Welcome back to Mugs & Muffins on this lovely Monday morning.  We're talking Pink - today.
Ironically, with that, early on this morning I awoke to a full pink sky.

I'm super excited to share with you today... because I'm hopeful that someone will be encouraged and challenged to hold on to HOPE!  True and lasting Hope!
So, I'm so glad you stopped by.

However, I must tell you...what is being shared today is a topic that I am sure was never covered here before on
Treasured Up and Pondered.  

And that is Breast Cancer.

How has Cancer (in general) affected you?  Or, has it?

With October being National Breast Cancer Month and today, being National Breast Cancer Awareness Day... I just felt it to be appropriate to have my dear friend and next door neighbor, Amanda, share today as our guest.  Amanda has a testimony of walking this road with her own Mom - while as a young teenage girl.  But I will let her tell her story...

First, go ahead and grab your mug!  Fill it full to the brim!  The coffee is good this morning!  And while you're at it, take a serving of this delicious Apple Breakfast Cake. (not exactly a muffin, now is it?)

I'm sure you'll most certainly enjoy this, however, I sure do wish I had some whipped cream to pile high on top...for YOU!
I shared the recipe with you on Friday - so hopefully you'll get to try it for real, at your leisure.

Here now is Amanda.  Please!  Please, make her feel welcome..
(The above photo is small, and copyrighted - but at least you know she {Amanda}is for real! :)) ~ Photo Credit: Kevin High Photography - Kevin, is a another local friend of mine/ours.

::Taste and See:: ~ Amanda H.
It is a bit peculiar that it happens to be October 28th today. A day reserved for breast cancer awareness. Ten years ago this very day, October 28, 2003, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was not yet 40 years old, and I the blossoming age of 17. My youngest sibling was only 1. It was shocking, to say the least. I remember crying in fear of the unknown as we were prayed for that evening. When we hear the disgusting cancer word, it’s natural to assume the worse. What would happen? How would we get through this? Would she be o.k.? Many thoughts swirled and tumbled in my mind.

As my family walked out our story, I experienced firsthand the power of the verses in Romans 8:26-28 (KJV).
Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Some good I saw right away… most I am more conscious of now, as I look back.

My parents had a renewed love and tenderness towards one another.

When my close friend’s mom was also given the news of breast cancer, my friend cried on my shoulder… and I understood. I knew what she felt. In an even greater way, my mom understood and she journeyed closely with her friend, for she had just walked that road.

I also saw my mom grow much stronger as a wife, mother and friend. Here is a small clip from my journal, the day she came home from the hospital:
‘My mom is amazing. God has been so evident in her. I think I would tend to be selfish if this happened to me… but mom is home and talking, laughing and not a complaint. I am learning more and more what a HUGE blessing I have in my mom – God blessed me so much more than I deserve.’
Ours is a happy ending. The cancer was caught in a very early stage. A little over a month after the diagnosis, my mom received surgery. Everything went remarkably well, and she has been cancer free ever since. I recognize that my mom’s cancer could return any day. Doctors have warned me to start my check-ups earlier than most, because I am now at a greater risk. Thankfully, those thoughts aren’t paralyzing to me.

There is a song, sung by Audrey Assad, that has been floating through my head over and over again the past few days… it goes right along with our story. The line that is most repeated in my mind is this:
When I taste your goodness
I shall not want

A simple thought perhaps, but one that has me bound and stirs my gratefulness. I have tasted of His goodness, time and time again. 
Psalms 34:8 says “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” 
Fear and doubt and trial and temptation come, yet I have His Truth to draw from. I have this life experience that proved this reality; The Lord IS my Shepherd. So, I shall not want.

I know some stories don’t end like ours. Chances are in this world you or someone you know has gone through, is going through or has passed on from breast cancer. I am sorry. I truly wish this were not so. My prayer is that you have tasted of the Lord’s goodness as well. To taste, we first must take. I trust that you have taken of His grace and mercy offered for us through his Son Jesus Christ. We long for that day when all disease and death is wiped away…
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Revelation 21:4
In this, we have GREAT hope.

Amen!!  This gives me goosebumps!  Love that song!!  And, yes!  Are we holding on to this great HOPE? I trust you are. I know, I am.

Thank you, so much, Amanda, for being so willing to share this testimony  with us, today.  Your story was so encouraging, and brought me to tears when I first read it.  It's a very brave thing to do to talk about feelings and memories and hurts like this... but in doing so is when and how some things like this can continue to heal...our hearts!   I love your Mom, Mary! and I am so grateful to God that I have the privilege of being her friend as well as yours. Actually, with your whole family.  I'm so grateful to God that - at least this point in life and hopefully for the rest of her life - that your mom is healed.

God is so good!
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Please share in the comments your words of encouragement to either Amanda or her mom.  Feel free to share your own testimonies or experiences.  How has cancer affected your life...?  Or, any other thoughts, quotes or Scripture you would like to share...as a means of encouragement.

Each comment, here or on Facebook, counts as an entry for the drawing.  The giveaway is open for the rest of the month - October 31st, 10:00 PM, EST!  And, the winner will be selected using the random number generator and announced after that.  This is open to the US and Canada Only.  Please be sure to include your name and a way I can contact you if you do not have your own blog. 

If you do not wish to be entered into the drawing, but would still like to comment- please say so!

That is all for today.  Thank you so much for coming out to Treasured Up and Pondered!  I hope you feel a tighter tug on your heart to be mindful of those still in the thick of this dreadful and scary time - breast cancer.  I know I will...and do.  If you are currently walking this road... know that you are not alone.  Many are here to wrap their arms around you and walk alongside..

Can I encourage you, though... to get your screenings done.  I did.  I got my baseline mammogram done at/around my 40th birthday.  I guess you could say that, my Mammogram was a gift to myself.  {A Mammogram}is honestly not as dreadful as one might think.  It's so important to do.  If only more folks would pay closer attention to their breasts (men and women alike) - and all for the right reasons.  You know what I mean?  In reading up on this I realize, I admit, I still don't think I'm as informed nearly as much as I could or should be.

Be proactive, get it done for you!!  and your family.  

God bless..  


  1. Amanda, sharing part of your journal the day your mom came home, sent tears down my cheeks!
    Thank you for taking the time, thought and sharing you and your mom's story with us.
    It's important to share with others, so they know they aren't alone or encourage others.

    Thank you Bevy for sharing your friend with us.
    Have a great week!

    1. Oh you bet! Sharing Amanda with you is a blessing! She is a blessing. I'm so glad her and I get to be neighbors. And, Friends! ;)

  2. Good Morning Bevy and Amanda, Wow what a testimony... I have had several (girl) friends face Breast Cancer and other Cancer's some have won the BATTLE and some have lost..Just the word CANCER is such a harsh word, let alone living it... I could not imagine the fear and hope to never have to endure so.. A cure needs found Now.... And I pray it is found.. Thank you for sharing such a intimate part of your life and what a blessing you and Bevy must share in your friendship... and Mary too... God Bless you all three...

    1. Connie - we hope and pray the same thing. Too many of my friends or family have personally walked this road... and it's true. Some have won and some have lost. But all in all ... God is still Sovereign and God is still good. Amen?

  3. Bevy! This is beyond awesome. I'm so very excited to see you highlighting this not so fun subject.
    You are the bees knees, girlfriend.
    Amanda....thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm just finishing up my breast cancer treatment, and the thing I am looking forward to the most is being able to encourage others who find themselves in the same situation, just like you were able to do for your friend. Feeling alone is so scary, and hearing from and meeting others traveling down the same road was such a comfort.
    Thank you both so much for sharing.

    1. Teresa - thanks for coming by and commenting. I read your post today, over on your blog, (very touching and very tough) and I know it's a journey you are currently walking - right now. You're in the thick of it... but your hanging on!
      May you find our Father - God to be your source of strength and comfort every step of the way. He loves you and has you in HIS hand.

  4. i used to think the poem "footprints" was so...cliche. until i walked a dark path. now it has become rather special to me and so true! look it up if you arent familiar and hopefully it will also become special to you! great post, thanks!

    1. Yes! Janelle... I hear you. I could say the same thing of that poem.

      Thanks so much for coming by today!

  5. How has breast cancer affected me ? I was diagnosed with it at age 39, also in the month of October, 5 years ago. I received the official word last week that I am cancer free! Praise the Lord!

    Just love those pink canisters!

    1. Hallelujah!! I've been thinking of you with this one, Mitzi. Been wondering..
      God is so good.

  6. I also have had breast cancer. I had my surgery 8 months after I got married. It has been over 6 years now and I am cancer free. It wan't an easy time to go through, but the Lord saw me through each step. He is so good!

    1. Praising the Lord, with you Kathy! He lovingly guides our every footstep. Amen?

  7. Ladies, thank you all for sharing bits of your stories. In some ways it's not hard to believe... in other ways, it blows my mind to know so many of you have walked down this road also. The faith and trust I hear in your comments is astounding... thank you for the courage you display! This has been so encouraging to me to be a part of.

    1. I'm glad, so glad, you agreed to write and share, here, Amanda. I think it is just so encouraging. As you just said..

  8. I had no idea that was part of your family's past. Thanks so much for sharing. God is so good. Beautiful testimonial and song.

    1. Hey Kristin - thanks for popping in here. Isn't Amanda (and her Mom's) testimony wonderful?
      I love that song, too.

  9. Wow - that was such a wonderful testimony!! It was/is just beautiful how Amanda's mother was/is a model of faith for her daughter! Beautiful! I am so thankful their story has a happy 'ending'!!

    Cancer has not been a factor in our family much, an Aunt (survivor) and an Uncle (lost the fight) but it is close to home, like two doors down, close to home. :/ Our lovely neighbours. My fast growing dear friend is battling round three with cancer. I've been praying (hard) for her as she is young with still younger children (13-20). These are some of the dearest neighbours you could ask for and I continue to pray for not only healing for her but for this to cause her to strengthen her commitment and love for the Lord! He works in mysterious ways and I pray that He is using this disease to draw her and her entire family closer to Him!

    Thank you for sharing your testimony Amanda and for you, Bevy, opening up your blog to such a meaningful topic!

    I do so need to try that apple cake - cake for breakfast is one of my favourites!! :D

  10. I know many women that have gone through breast cancer, some happy endings, some not. What a blessings that we can trust God's best in our lives no matter the outcome if we walk with Him. Amanda's testimony was good to read and I love the Audrey Assad song. Blessings, Anita


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