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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bags by Bevy :: Some of it's recent activity...

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:: Night Song ::
SOLD to A.K.
Large tote bag with a special-ordered, over-the-shoulder (adjustable) strap

So, you're looking to take a road trip; do some overnight traveling, you say?  And, you say you  need a practical, fun - durable and unique bag to keep it all together...?

Well then, take a look at this one. (smile!)

:: Traveling On ::
 Large, overnight style bag
Available HERE.  Thanks for looking..

Off to the sewing room for more of the same.. (well different, but the same).  You know what I mean..


  1. Your bags are beautiful, Bevy. I am kind of a button freak...can never get enough of them! So I love the way you use them in your creations!

    1. Amen! on the never having enough buttons...

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate that.

  2. Bevy, you are so creative... loved these...

  3. Beautiful! And as a good reference for anyone looking. I have been using my bag from Bevy for several years now and it is still in excellent condition! Great quality and Great workmanship!

    1. {{blushing}}
      Thank you, Jenn. You are the sweetest ever. Funny thing is.. the other day I was thinking about that bag I sent you (Thyme for Me) and even pulled up a picture of it off my flicker page to take a look at it again. I'm glad to hear "she's" still hanging in there..

  4. AK just showed me the one she most recently ordered... I LOVE it! The pattern and colors are so nice. one of my favorites...


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