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Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Finds :: Good Ole-fashioned Fun!

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Sometimes on rainy days, tents are required.  Amen?
Yesterday, you could find us having some good ole-fashioned fun, around here!
And yes, while it did rain yesterday - the photo below was taken on a previous (still grey) day.
So... I added fake rain, for effect.  Can you tell?  I do love me some photo editing tools..
I was just having some fun - as well.  Okay?
Because.  Honestly.  It was raining as hard as this - periodically throughout the day.


Happy Friday!  Happy Weekend..


  1. I remember doing this as a child with my sister. What great memories your children will have.

  2. You are just a big kid yourself. I like to play with pictures, too.

    Tents...oh, the dreaming and playing that takes place in a inside tent.

  3. Bevy,, your girls will remember "the Tent" for years... and yes so many times I wish I was a kid... play girl play... lol....

  4. Tents are definitely required on rainy days! And the littles are darling! :) I also wanted to mention that I think bloglovin' must be having some technical difficulties. I was just thinking about you this morning because it had a few days since I'd seen anything come through from you. When I just checked my bloglovin' reader there were four posts that came through from you...two of which I'd left comments on. I guess they get confused like we humans do, huh? :)


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