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Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Redeemer's Love

. ... .... .. .. ... .... . .. .. ... .... .. ... .. .... .. .. .. .. ..

Lord, help me!  Help me to turn out the extra noise of this day, this week, my surroundings.  Help me to only hear this: Your love is all I need.
If only I had a pair of permanent headphones attached to the side of my head, in order to repeatedly hear the indicative truth, sung in this song... that...
God (indeed) loves me!

It is imperative that I love others in the same way.  So says his Word!
(read,1 John 4:7-21)

I hope you'll take a minute to worship - with this song!  My Redeemer's Love.


  1. Good Morning...
    Love a bit of worship music on a Monday.

    Spent a few minutes playing catch up with you.
    That apple cake is making me so hungry. The husband has requested a chocolate cake with homemade German chocolate frosting on top. The apple cake will have to wait.

    Bevy, I pray your week is blessed and beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Kristin. I love this song.. and it is one we sang Sunday Morning! I hope it continues to bounce around in my head and heart. For that, my week will be blessed and beautiful.

      Eat up the chocolate cake (sounds just as yummy! wow!!) and then go bake that apple one. ;) Love to you, this day.
      Enjoy your week. I'll read up on Friday. (smile!)

  2. His love for us is really hard to fully comprehend, is it not? How can we imagine giving up one of our children for someone else...and yet He gave His ONLY son...because that was what was needed. Thank you, Bevy, for this bit of relaxation and just basking in His love for me!

  3. I was recently given a picture in worship on Sunday morning. 3 Sundays ago to be exact. I was struggling in worship because the evening before I had a very bad shift at work. I ended up staying late at work and I was frustrated and said things that I was very ashamed of. So I was in worship struggling with condemnation and feeling unworthy of God's love. I was saying in my head "I know God loves me but I just can't receive that love." In the midst of that my 5 year old daughter, Sophia, asked to be picked up. So I was holding her and asking God to help me see how he holds me like a little child. Asking him to help me humble myself so that he could lift me up like a little child and love me. And the next thing you know Sophia says "Put me down mommy! I want to get down!" So I put her down and I realized how much I am like her. I ask God to pick me up and the next minute I want to get down again and do things on my own strength. My pride is SO strong! I have been asking him to help me stay in his arms like a child. I had another picture of a room full of worshipers. And they looked like giants! And I thought "wow! Look how great they all are!" Then I looked closer and realized they were all actually just children who were on the shoulders of their father. Little, humble children who God had lifted up and placed on his shoulders making them great! Really it was his greatness! Oh God how I want to be made a giant by being on your shoulders! Hold me, Jesus, in your love!!!

    1. Lindsay - thank you for sharing this (again!). It makes me whell up, in tears, to think that our God who is so great and good - wants to lift us up, hold us...keep us, by his grace.

      Thank you - for your consistent sharing in humility..


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