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Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Family Tree ~ and yours!

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My heart is so full right now I hardly  know where to begin.  Seriously.
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If you're just stopping in right now - hello! and welcome..

If you're back, from yesterday, (yesterday's post) you know that I mentioned I was going out with my hubby last night to an out-of-state conference, last evening, and that I didn't know much else.  I was to wait and be surprised - and blessed I was.  Indeed!  We both were..

You see!  Scott (that would be my husband, who likes to "surprise" me on and for our dates) and I both have a desire to change, and keeping changing, our Family Tree!!  To leave a legacy of peace behind us.

One of those ways is in the financial realm.  Yes!  there is such a thing as Financial Peace.  It is not an oxymoron..

I was so excited to find out that we we were headed off to NY City/Newark, NJ - to the NJ Performing Arts Center to see Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, LIVE - in person.

**Please check out these two/three links, I just shared...they may change your life forever!, and the life of your family.

And by the way, in case you were wondering - our kids did great for my sister, so she said.  The house was "at rest" when we got home early this morning.  I knew it would...


 Scott and I, even still this morning, kept saying to ourselves - "We cannot believe we were able to do that last night".  It was really, really awesome.  And it encouraged us all the more - to keep the course.
 A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.  ~ Proverbs 13:22

This is/was one of those times... when I just want to take everyone I know. And, that is a lot of people..by the way.  I just want to shake them by the shoulders (wake em up a little), grab them by the hand and say - Get on this bus!! you're coming me with me.   You ha HAVE to listen to this -Please! -  it will radically change your future... and the legacy you will leave behind for your family.  It's up to you!  You can do it - do it well or you won't and you'll  leave behind a mess.. a HUGE mess tied up with a bow of heavy links of chain!  How is that for a picture?

When we left last night... I just wanted to hold my head in my hands and cry.  Cry long and hard, because I care...

Also... I had to Google a photo, this morning, because I didn't have my own camera along, last night, and I wanted to remember!  I wanted to find something that closely resembled, as best as possible, the sight(s) of the city - coming out of the NJPAC - last night.  Bright city lights, streets lights, (small) trees, along the curbs, all aglow after a fine mist (maybe it was the smog) ..., but, it was pretty!  As pretty as it was... I would still much rather keep my feet in the country.  Besides, that is where trees grow best!!  ahemm...

All that to say..

I am grateful to GOD!  for a man, a husband, a father to my children - who loves me, who loves us enough to dig his heels in deep; draw a line in the sand; step right up to the plate and who said - we, as a family, are making a lasting change for our future.  We are ... we will... we have!!

We did it together!!  Because we are together..

Oh, we have such a story, and I could go on and on...

But, can I save that for another time?  Time doesn't permit me to tell it all here today..  but if you can at all relate to what I am saying here today - give me a shout out.  I would love to hear at best, a snippet of your story...your thoughts.

As well, Scott and I are committed to praying for those whom we do have opportunity to rub shoulders with... that we can be a blessing - because as this has changed our lives, so radically, we are hopeful to encourage this change in others Life Story as well.   Currently, we are in the planning stages of coordinating a (local) FPU class come the New Year.  Stay tuned..

I want to quickly encourage you - please come back on Monday for my next Mugs & Muffins.  I have guest post writer  - Faye Henry, my blogging friend and teacher (I learn so much from her) coming and she is sharing a message of encouragement on Preserving the Family.  You won't want to miss it - plus, we have a great GIVEAWAY, in store, as well.

I just love how this theme, Faye's message, ties in with what I just shared, today.

May your weekend be fully blessed...  see you here on Monday?


  1. Your family HAS blessed and inspired us in these matters - but I'm pretty sure you knew that already! ;) I'm so happy to hear of Scott's surprise - how exciting AND practical! ;)

  2. Wow, NYC and Dave Ramsey all in one... now thats a surprise.. and from your hubby... Special I am sure... I love Dave Ramsey, we use to watch his tv show, but our cable provider now doesnt air it now... Anyway, excited to read your story... so glad you had a wonderful evening... and Change is good...

  3. SO happy for you, Bevy. How exciting! Looking forward to what else you might have to share with us as in relating to "your story" at another time. See you Monday. :)

  4. Yes! One of the fun things I found out when my husband was "fessing up" to his plan(s) was that he had this under wraps for a long time. Here, he bought the tickets way back in May - sometime.

    He's sneaky!! I love him for it, too...although his surprises sometimes rattle me. Especially when he tells me for the month - DO NOT PLAN anything on such and such a day..


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