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Monday, November 18, 2013

Pumpkin Patch {field trip}

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A couple of weeks ago now, I had the privilege to go with my 5 yr old, Aubrey, on her first ever school "field trip".  This was the trip that was once planned and rescheduled; planned and rescheduled; planned and accomplished.  Yay!
Yes!  three times.

I guess you could say "third time's a charm!" on this one.

We went to the
Tabora Farm and Orchard
located not too far from us.

Here is a post loaded full of photos, of the day.. thanks to Aubrey who manned the camera for a good number of them. Smile!

Together Aubrey and I enjoyed a morning of bright sunshine - as you can tell by some of the photos, with the squinting of the eyes.  We were able to listen in on how fresh pressed apple cider was made and asked to choose two from a variety of crisp and crunchy apples to take home with us.  By and far we were invited to walk around their store.  There, we gladly took in the delicious sights and smells of the baked goods, coffees and deli/food items, etc. in their store. We knew what we wanted - without a doubt.  We chose some Apple Cider Doughnuts (to later share at home with the family)... and wow! were they ever good or what?

We took a fun little wagon ride with Mrs. Farmer around and through the orchard.  We listened as Mrs. Farmer explained some interesting details on how they kept their apple orchard "alive & well" through last Spring's cold spell. She told us they had to call for help from friends and family and even the local F.D. - because they purposely lit over a hundred fires (in barrels), to burn through the night, all throughout the orchard, in order to keep the buds and blossoms from freezing.

Once they noticed how deer (or something?) were eating some of the blossoms off of certain other trees  - so she and Mr. Farmer slept out in the orchard one night to see if they could find out "who or what" was eating at their trees.  Sure enough... it was about 30 deer... that had come out to feed.
So.. they came up with this crazy idea.  She said they decided to hang a dryer sheet onto every tree trunk in their orchard.

What??  A dryer sheet?  Why - a dryer sheet, we wondered?

She told us that, that same night - she and her husband slept outdoors in their orchard again.  This time - they couldn't believe their eyes.  Over a hundred deer showed up that night to make off with something to eat.. but this time, something didn't smell right.  The deer thought they smelled people (because of the dryer sheets) and took off.. she said it was kinda funny to watch that whole thing unfold right before their eyes.

But - their fruit trees were spared.. and that was all that mattered.
Getting off the wagon and walking around - we took a few photos of the pumpkin patch - and took some time to feed a few goats and see the rest of the farm.  What a fun day - getting to know some of Aubrey's classmates, friends (of course the other parents that went along) and teachers a bit better..

Finally - a fun photo of Aubrey and I right before it was time to go from our day at Tabora Farm and Orchard.

Good times - were had by all!


  1. Oh, I absolutely love the little Tabora coffee house in Lansdale - so I am sure the "mother store" was quite fun to be at! :) Loved the pics...

    1. ha.. I have never even heard of the Tabora house there in Lansdale...(I mean I read about it - in the link to their website) but before that... never!

      You know me and coffee.. of course, I don't get out much like that anymore these days. I might have to remedy that. ;) hee hee
      Speaking of.. what time should I be over??

  2. What a lovely field trip ! Your pictures make me wish I could have joined you :o)

  3. that sounds like a fun field trip! your little red head is a cutie~ and crazy about the dyer sheets. who knew!!!! :)) love that first shot. very pretty and i could eat a doughnut or two right about now!!!!

    fun post!


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