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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Daybook in December {yuletide carols}

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FOR TODAY  ~ taking a bit of a break from the {yuletide}caroling just for today... in order to share the day, in specific, with you!

Outside my window... the red sky of sunrise is simply stunning!  I think "red in the morning" means -- warning!  and, "Red at night" - - delight!

I am thinking...it's probably pretty chilly outdoors this morning.  

I am thankful... for a nice and cozy home!  Too bad, I had to crawl out of bed to tell you that this morning.  Seriously, I'm truly grateful for this blessing of HOME.

In the kitchen...Jasmine Green Tea with a swirl of honey, and a homemade cinnamon roll on the side. ;)

I am wearing... still in my pj's, of course!  (smile!)

I am creating...a little something *new* to stock pile in my etsy shop!  Tea Wallets!  I have given away - a few over Christmas, and I'm anxious to hear how those folks have enjoyed using them..

I am going... to get a chance to sew later today.  Lord Willing!  I was told this, by a certain MIL/ Grandma - that that is what I should do this afternoon.  :)

I am wondering... how far I will get with that *sewing* ambition.   I do have another bag order - due!  Not anytime soon... but, I still want to get it done.

I am reading...Christmas Uncut by Carl Laferton.  Subtitle: What really happened and why it really matters.  What a great book!  Funny, serious and mysterious.  

I am hoping... to include a copy of this great little book in my next Mugs & Muffins Giveaway (MONDAY!! - stay tuned)  I can't wait to share it with you, whomever the winner will be.

I am looking forward to...starting a new book - received at Christmas! Grace for the good girl - by Emily Freeman.  

I am learning... that even the "best mom-cookers"..(as so dubbed by my kids) still have baking challenges..arghh!  What to do - now - with shortbread cookies that flopped..?  I'm serious.  I am thinking that I'll crumble the cookie and turn into a dessert trifle or some sort.  How can shortbread cookies - fail?  I either cut them too thin, or had them in the oven too long or ...?  I have no idea.. but they're not pretty.  Tasty yes! but not "serve-able" the way they are.  That's the truth!

Around the house...there are still bits of wrapping paper and boxes that need to be tended to.  And more company is coming today!  My sister and her three girls.  Which means more wrapping paper and boxes..
My niece celebrated her 10th birthday - on Christmas Day!  And they were unable to be a part of our family Christmas Day - so they're coming later today.

I am pondering... this word: SLOW!  I have so enjoying the slowing of the season - with the {yuletide carols} that I've been doing here on the blog.  Some of those hymns... I have never fully pondered as I have this season.  I'm grateful that I have taken the opportunity to slow down...and savor.

A favorite quote for today... "We have seen the star in the east, and are come to worship HIM".  ~ the Wise Men, Matthew 2:1-11.

One fine example of intentional obedience, perseverance, diligence, wisdom... seeking him with all their heart.
Did you know to "worship" means to give up your time for Jesus, just as the Wise Men did?

One of my favorite things... being with (most of our) family over the holidays.  I'm also thinking how much I was VERY proud of my two oldest as they sang their little hearts out - in the Children's Christmas Choir on Christmas Eve.   That certainly was a favorite highlight for me... watching them, do their best.  They are second and third from the left, front row.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  My sister was with us all week - overnight.  My MIL is, now, here with us for a few days.  Just anticipate a slow ending to what was a busy lead into the week of Christmas..

A peek into my day...
I just had to share this with you - today!

I took this photo - one late afternoon - last week.  I think it says it all..
The cross makes all the difference - in our home!

"Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks." ~John 4:24
Joining in with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook..


  1. LOVE your post!! Miss catching up. Will talk your ear off soon...

  2. Bevy, I almost ordered that book... Grace for the Good girl... ... and I love how you explained Worship... I never thought of it like that... but so true...... Loved the photo of your children... Adorable... Stay warm and enjoy the days with the kids home... I loved those days... and miss those days... Kylie is off until JAN 6th... lovin it...

  3. I just LOVE that last photo...


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