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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Daybook in January

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FOR TODAY ~ the fourth Monday of the month...

Outside my window... there is still snow on the ground (as we've had another 2" +, over the weekend) and the skies are a whitish grey... the sun was trying to shine this morning.. maybe it will still make it later today.

I am thinking...the temps!  This morning (at around 8:10 AM)  it was so weird.  IT FELT SO WARM outdoors this morning.  While waiting, with my son, for the school bus - we were commenting on how still - how warm - the weather felt. The thermometer reads 25*.  With a high of 33* expected for today.

I am thankful...a good night of rest last night.  I didn't know it until this morning that my hubby did not sleep so well.  (I'm sorry!)  I had no idea that he was up for about 2 hours with one of the girls...who either fell out of bed and couldn't settle back down or what?  I must have "crashed"... cause I didn't hear nothin'. and was dreamin' the sweetest of dreams.. yes! indeedy.

In the kitchen...reheated coffee (I'm afraid!) and a few bites of coffee cake - for me!  The kids all had cereal this morning, and yesterday (Sunday lunch!) was a nice pan of Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas.  I'll share the recipe another time this week.
Let me clarify on the coffee... soon! there'll be a fresh new pot in the making.

I am wearing... my usual fare.  A long jean skirt and a simple black Tee..

I am creating... well.  I have been a busy bee this past week. And, last night, I finished up another bag order. I can't wait to take photos of it and post it.  This one might be my next new favorite.  Unfortunately... it is a SOLD order.  As well.  I made two girls skirts... again, both are/were gifts.
I'll show all of these as soon as I have pics...

I am going... outdoors soon - to take those photos..  As soon as my camera battery charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this camera of mine..)

I am wondering... if your weekend was as wonderful as mine?
**We've had a lot of fun...Saturday.  Caleb raced his first Pine Wood Derby race.  He placed third in his heat.  That was fun helping paint and decorate his car... a couple of nights ago.  As well... I was up early Saturday morning flipping pancakes for him to take along.  His daddy signed me up!  Caleb LOVES his blueberries - so I whipped up a batch of Whole Wheat Buttermilk pancakes sprinkled with blueberries.  His kiss on my cheek upon his return home that day and the whisper in  my ear that those were the bestest pancakes ever!  won my heart a GOLD medal!

And Aubrey... well, she went to first ever BIRTHDAY PARTY... for a little gal from her school.  She came home all decked out in pink fairy wings and sprinkles of treats from her "take-home" party favor bag.  Oh goodness!  For the little girl's gift, Aubrey wanted me to make her a skirt.  She was so proud to pick out the fabric - from my stash!

All while this was happening - the snow was starting to fall. What a wonderful evening to just stay home and cozy up to some yummy Potato Soup and Yorkshire Pudding. (Curious: who knows what Yorkshire Pudding is and if you've ever made it yourself?)
Saturday afternoon/evening is when we got about another 2" on top of what we have had already on the ground  and so after church on Sunday - the kids got to go outdoors to play in the snow.  Even Jayne wanted to go out.

I am reading...I'm still thumbing through the book: Grace for the Good Girl (Letting go of the try-hard life) by Emily Freeman and I've also picked up: A Sweetness to the Soul by Jane Kirkpatrick.  This last book here has been tucked away on my bookshelf for like FOREVER!!  I can't believe I've never opened it up to read before.. Jane is such an amazing, seasoned author.

Oh - and I picked up another *new for me* cookbook over the weekend!  Favorite Recipes from Quilters..  by Louise Stoltzfus.  I've been having fun sitting around and reading through it, as well.

I am hoping...for a mellow week this week (schedule wise) and a chance taken to do some things around the house that NEED to be done!!!  Maybe try out a few new recipes, eh?

I am looking forward to (and a little nervous about) ...something that starts in a couple of weeks.  Feb. 9th! to be exact.  My husband Scott and I are coordinating a 9-week course - through our church - using the materials from Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  So far we are having an amazing turnout of interest...
This is our first time of doing anything like this (as coordinator's) but personally we've gone through these materials for a total of 3 times... and cannot tell you how much this has radically changed our lives.  We are so sure of it that we "just have to" tell others about it and assist them through it..
Praying that we can of influence to someone else (even if it's just one person!) to make a lasting difference in their lives and for their future as well.  However....

I am learning...You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.    It's been the hardest thing for me to learn. Try... but then to let go and let others learn from their mistakes, etc.

Around the house... are the obvious tell-tale signs that this house is lived in!  That kids have (some really big!) imaginations; the daddy works hard to provide and the mamma does her best to "keep up" and keep after.

I am pondering... my recent epiphany!

A favorite quote for today... While thumbing through this new cookbook I found a quote (as there are stories, and memories of both quilting and cooking sprinkled all through out this cookbook) that just made me swoon... and thought, if only this would be true for me. However..., I will not hold my breath.  As some of you might know - my hubby doesn't cook and while I love quilting, I'd be worried for him... and wouldn't get anything done.

 Here is the quote..
My husband does most of the cooking while I quilt. ~ Joan Coale Klosek, Ellicott City, MD

I had to chuckle a little bit over this one... Bless them both! I said to myself.

One of my favorite things...hearing my two year old sing her little heart out as she toddles around the house.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I do have a meeting scheduled with Aubrey's pre-school teacher, Friday and one of our vehicles will be off for inspection.  So, other then continuing to keep the home fires burning... it's a hope for a quiet week.

A peek into my day...
I'm pulling out an "old" photo here - one from a couple of weeks ago. You've seen this photo before, I'm sure.  It's the only one I have of some pretty long icicles..

Icicles always warm my heart.

I share this photo with you today, because as I was out and around this morning (in between the writings of this post) I noticed that random icicles I would see here and there were getting longer and longer- as the morning wore on.   As I type I can hear snow sliding off of our tin porch roof.

Obviously - the sun did make it out today...we're warming up, folks!  We warming up!!  But only for a short while, so I hear.  Another serious cold snap is on it's way..

**Following along with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook.


  1. Bevy, so many things that struck my mind in this post of your day... this morning here in Ky, it was 48 degrees at 4 am..(wide awake), watched the news and by 630am the wind was howeling, and temps dropped to 30, and now at 230 pm its 19 degrees.. suppose to have below zero wind chills for the next few days... so another blast for this Ky girl... so if it comes your way, it is a fast mover... stay warm..
    Dave Ramsey, so inspiring, use to watch his show on Saturdays when it was on... being debt free has been on my mind and heart as of late... but getting hubby on board thats the chore... but I will prevail.... :) so I hope you will do a post on your 9 week series... I have been making a notebook, on how much it costs to buy something homemade compared to store bought... you would not believe the difference... and as I type, i have a HUGE bowl of Pinto Beans soaking until tomorrow or tuesday to fix refried beans and freeze... I did the same with Navy Beans and they turned out great... we had the rest for mexican chip and dip last night... it was really, really good... so many things have bad ingredients that harm us, I am trying to be more health aware... like bottled water, we usually buy gallons, but we found a deal on a brand we liked, and by using Gallons we got a bottle and a half more water free than the individual bottles for the same price.. Plus we are helping our environment...
    So its a work in process... time will tell I guess...
    Anyway, stay warm and enjoy your week...

  2. OH yes, I know what Yorkshire pudding is!! My bff Stacey makes it and it's AMAZING!!! Though it's usually served with a roast beef around these parts! I loved reading through all of this!! Really felt like having coffee with you! - But reheated - BEVY!?!?! ;) haha! So neat about Caleb and his racer - I haven't seen one of those events in person - and blueberries ARE fantastic...when in season!! And you HAVE already helped on whole family!!! Though I know you will be a great sour of encouragement and help to all the people signing up for your course!! Praying for great wisdom and peace for you and Scott as you serve Him in this way!! ♥ (and I hope I'm not one of the 'lead a horse to water' people that you were talking about!! :/ ) Keep cozy friend - we're trying hard to here! But our weather just isn't co-operating this year! :P BLESSINGS! ☼

  3. Just another beautiful post Bevy! Yorkshire pudding... I saw it on Diners, Drive-in and Dives once....not what I thought it would be.. looked yummy.. So cold around here too... The icicles are beautiful.... I know the financial study will be a blessing to many.. I know God will be honored in it! Your daily life and family seem just wonderful.... simple and loved... I always leave your post happy! Have a great week. Blessings!

  4. Oh what a lovely weekend you all had despite the falling snow . Lovely photo and post ! Oh yes we here know and love Yorkshire pudding it is a family tradition to have it with a roast of beef , My family and parents are British lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a wonderful day !

  5. Just a comment regarding the Yorkshire Pudding.

    In times past, I've only read about it in books. Then, I came across a recipe in one of my Mennonite Cookbooks for Yorkshire Pizza. The recipe is so easy and so I would make this often as a "change up" to regular pizza from time to time. My family loved it. And loves it still. Then, one evening - dear friends of ours (FABULOUS COOKS - both of them!) invited us and a few other friends and they served this Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Beef/Prime Rib.. SOOOO GOOOODDDD!! they had this really nice gravy that paired with it... anyway. Here of late I have been making the same recipe for the Yorkshire Pizza but without all the fun pizza toppings instead and once again... a HUGE hit for our family. One thing I've learned is that I like to sprinkle in some Oregano and Garlic Salt - perhaps even some parsley flakes to that batter, before baking, for added flavor and pizzazz. :)

  6. What a treat to "peak" into your day.

    I especially enjoyed the little stories of the children, The blueberry pancake whispers, the toddler singing and the skirt making for the birthday gift. Such sweet "little things" in the day of a life with mama.

    Your photos are lovely and magical with the snow and ice.

    The enchiladas sound yummy. I make a white bean enchilada and also a chicken enchilada, but none with both together:-) Perhaps I should give this a try and kick it up a notch for the daddy and I. My children are not fond of spicy either. I keep hoping they will grow into it.

    Go outdoors yes! and soak up all that snow!


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