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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aubrey's Gift

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So, she was invited to her first ever Birthday Party, a friend - outside of family.  It was for a little gal friend from school.  Her brother has gone to two, no make that three!, birthday's now and so FINALLY it was her turn.  She was so very excited..

She talked to me about what she wanted to give this little gal as a gift.

I was trying to help her sort through her options and finally she decided that she wanted to give this little gal a skirt.  "One made from you, Mom!"

A generous man will prosper.  
He who refreshes others will he himself be refreshed. 
~ Proverbs 11:25

After I spoke with the girls mother to get an idea of her size and favorite color(s)... Aubrey wanted to pick out the fabric.

 (That's my girl!)
She had so much fun going through my stash..  she settled on a "vintage piece" of feed sack cloth.

:: Forget ~ Me ~ Not ::
Little girls, simple style skirt

Of course, we needed a card to attach to the gift.  She set right to work..

I love this girl's artistic abilities...  
I keep thinking about writing a children's book with Aubrey as my illustrator. :)
Soon after...the "Pixie and Pirates" Birthday Party...

Aubrey and Jayne set up their own version of a birthday party!

I walked in on the "event" and had to turn around and go find my camera.  Too bad, I wasn't invited to stay although I was asked to provide the refreshments.

Of course, I'll provide catering...

"You're the best Cooker, MOM!"
She says with a smile.

Pretzels and kisses were an easy thing to send their way..
It was perfect!
Aubrey's gift!

This one sure knows how to give out compliments.

Oh, and she wears the best smile, too!

She refreshes me..

**Thank you for your prayers...
Aubrey is feeling way better and pretty much back to her normal self..
Caleb is "home from school" again today and still not so well..
Jayne - so far! - has been kept at bay.  Thank the Good Lord!


  1. What a lovely skirt!! Aubrey's drawings are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Adorable!!! :D And if she's too busy to illustrate - consider me a back up? Won't you? ;) She has such GORGEOUS hair!!!! And yes a VERY sweet smile!!

  2. Beauty at its finest... loved the skirt, what a thoughtful girl you have... and think of how deep she loves you.. most kids would be so ready to go to the store... Lovely girls... and adorable party...

  3. Beautiful skirt!! I love Aubrey's artwork. She's very talented~~just like her Mama! I'm glad she's feeling better and hope Caleb will be much better soon.

  4. What a perfect gift!
    What a complement to you!

    I hope you do write that book.

  5. Lovely ... Sorry they have been sick.. So many are ill this time of year but the sweet spirit helps a lot..
    Keep warm, dear.. xo

  6. So sweet! Love that she picked out a handmade gift to give! Such beauty in that! Love the tea party.... there is such delight in that!

  7. You are the best mommy! What a great idea for a gift, the skirt was beautiful. Love the pic of the girls and their tea party!

  8. I loved this post Bevy! It is just such a sweet and simple story of love and joy. Thank you for sharing it :o)

  9. Oh how precious!

    The skirt is darling and the wrapping, package, bow and picture are even more:-)!!!


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