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Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Finds :: I'm torn!

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Christmas Decor!
Winter Decor!
They're one in the same around here...

Do I take it down and put it all away - today!  Or wait a few..

 That, my friend, is the quandary I find myself in...

(Here is the reason.  I nearly didn't put any up at all - that is until my kids convinced me two weeks before Christmas.  Usually, it's all up the day after Thanksgiving - or soon thereof.  Now, I'm half-ready to take it all down.  It's still winter, yes!  My kids beg...to hang on to it a little longer.  Sigh!)
Welcome to Friday's Finds!

Finding myself torn.
Until I decide and when I decide...
Enjoy your day and on into the weekend.

May God bless you and yours!


  1. Bevy, Sitting here looking out my LR window and snow falling down...(so ready for Spring) but its not my decision.. so I say let the kiddo's decide... I for one when my kids were small, I would wait until they were in bed, and change out the decorations to valentines day... and wow what a joyful day that made... and they were so ready to draw hearts and such and Christmas was a memory.. So its just an idea... being inside alot in the winter is such a hard season.. but its there for a purpose, I always thought it was to make us slow down... savor each day, because when the season change it seems we all get busier... Have a wonderful weekend... and oh how I miss those days with my kiddos, at that age... hugs dear one

  2. Well...things are a tad different here - north of the boarder that is - because our Thanksgiving is in October and so I will put up decorations for Christmas/winter any time after Remembrance Day - so once all the Christmas festivities have come and gone - and DEFINATELY before the new year - it is ALL taken down!!!!! I LOVE to start the new year, clean and fresh!!!

    So basically I'm not help to you - because I start long before you do and obviously pack it all away long before you....even though I think our winter is longer...?!?

    Sorry - not much help! But enjoy your weekend - whatever you decide! :D

  3. I put away the Christmas stuff but leave up snowmen and snowflakes through January. I usually decorate for Valentine's Day on February 1. But everyone is different. Do what seems right for you.

  4. Hi Bevy, I still have my decorations up...it's mostly winter decorating anyway. Anything that really pertained to Christmas I had just put away but my tree is still up and I enjoy the lights on at night and also some of the dark, dreary days. It helps me get through the winter. When you consider a whole year it really isn't that long to have the winter decorating anyway. Have a great weekend! Melanie P.


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