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Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday's Finds :: Longing!

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Heart's Desire... Home!
La Mont W. Olsen

When the work of the day is finished
And I turn my footsteps home,
I enter the gate to paradise
In a world I call my own.

A little nose on the window,
Two tiny hands thrown up in glee,
A burst of childish laughter
Rings out at the sight of me.

The patter of tiny footsteps
Across the kitchen floor;
Two smiling cheeks, two big blue eyes
To meet me at the door.

A cheerful face and a glad "hello,"
A kiss and a hug - two or three -
We meet in a happy reunion,
Mother, and son and me.

Oh, it's here that I've found contentment -
Just to read and dream by the fire,
In a home where peace and love abide,
I call it "Heart's Desire."

I long for this to always be true of our home ~ and yours!

Enjoy your both your weekend and your family.

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  1. Your pictures are perfect with the poem, too.
    Our children use to get so excited when daddy came home. They never got tired of running and squealing at the sight of him.

    (my fat finger pushed the wrong key, that's why two comments!)

  2. The poem is so sweet.

    and I love peaking outside your window;-)


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